Large Window Decor: 12 Ways to Decorate a Bay Window

A bay window is a design dream. This tripartite window makes a grand architectural statement and brings in plenty of natural light to warm a space. In addition to giving you a beautiful view, bay windows are also beautiful in and of themselves. When it comes to decorating a bay window, ideas that harness these singular attributes will elevate your home and make the most of this unique design feature.

Here are some of our favorite bay window decorating ideas to inspire your own interior design:

Window Coverings

The best bay window treatment ideas serve as a handsome showcase for your windows while also providing necessary privacy and light blocking. 

1. Dramatic Drapery

Bay windows have an expansive scale that won’t be overwhelmed by floor-to-ceiling drapes. Use luxe, sumptuous fabrics for a contemporary take on this large window treatment idea.

2. Custom Roman Shades

You get great versatility with this sophisticated take on shades. Roman shades are made from fabric, giving you limitless possibilities for your window decor. Mount these shades either inside or outside the window frame and choose custom-made shades for a precise fit to your bay windows.

3. Modern Blinds

Blinds are a classic window treatment that can look right at home on a bay window in a space with traditional design. But you can update blinds with a fresh look by choosing a paint color that matches your interior design palette or going with a sleek wood stain.

4. Layerd Look

Can‚Äôt decide on just one window treatment idea for bay windows? Combine them. Pair blinds and drapes, for instance, or layer sheer curtains under heavier, more formal drapery‚ÄĒthe sheers let in light, and closing the drapes gives you instant privacy.


Bedroom with bay window

You can create a room-within-a-room with shrewd design strategies. These nooks, anchored by a stunning bay window, are havens in your home where you’ll want to spend time every day.

5. Dining Nook

A breakfast nook is a wonderful bay window idea for your kitchen. A small table and a couple of chairs create a warm, cozy space for sipping on your morning coffee. If your family (and your bay window) is larger, consider building a banquette underneath the window for more seating. 

6. Reading Nook

Book lovers can curl up in a space of their own, one that’s bathed in natural light that makes reading easy. Put a built-in bookcase under the bay window to house your favorite reads; add a leather club chair and ottoman, with an end table for a cup of tea. Don’t forget to add a table or floor lamp, just in case you can’t put that book down and you’re reading into the night.

7. Lounging Nook

How to decorate a bay window in a bedroom? Create a space for relaxing and recharging. A full-length standing mirror and upholstered lounge give you a peaceful place to get ready for the day ahead. Set up a couple of slipper chairs where you and your partner can have private chats.

8. Work Nook

A bay window provides valuable real estate if you need to carve out space for a home office. Center your desk in front of the bay window to get inspiration from the view outside. Using a built-in bookcase can help keep office supplies and equipment organized.

9. Play Nook

Build a space around your bay window that is a place for fun. Kids can cavort in a mini playhouse or create with crayons at an art table. Use the area for your Peloton or artist’s easel. You can always close off the space with a decorative room divider when company comes over.

Focal Points

There’s one important thing to keep in mind when you’re considering how to decorate window space in your home: If you can see out the window, people outside can see into your home. You want to stage your design so that it looks elegant both inside and out.

10. Garden of Delights

Filling your window with indoor plants and greenery can act as an extension of the garden outside your bay window (and it’s a delightful way to bring nature indoors, too.)

11. Add Boho Chic

A hanging rattan basket chair is a modern bay window idea that creates an interesting focal point as well as a perfect perch for window gazing and daydreaming. Complement the chair with draperies that have vibrant color or unique trim, as well as a plush area rug.

12. Compose a Still Life

Take a cue from old world artists and create a tableau within your bay window. Start with a credenza or antique table. Then place a statement-making decorative accessory upon it and add some color. Take an artisan glass vase and fill it with vibrantly colored seasonal blooms. Alternatively, use a metallic bowl that glints in the sunlight streaming through the window or a small grouping of your favorite photos in sophisticated frames of varying sizes. 

See Your Bay Window Ideas Come to Life

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