How to incorporate nature-inspired decor in your home

Nature lovers, rejoice! Although it’s not practical to spend all of your waking hours outdoors, you can bring the outside in with a few intentional actions when decorating and appointing the spaces within your home.  Whether you love long hikes in the forest, slow strolls on the beach, paddling on a glassy lake or marveling at snow-covered peaks, you can echo some of your favorite natural elements in many rooms of your home.  If you are seeking to decorate your home to reflect your love of nature, consider these tips:

 Colors: The colors you select for your furnishings, bed linens, accent pieces, wall colors and other home appointments can reflect the beauty of the places and spaces you love.  Mossy green, ocean blue, driftwood tan, burnt umber, snowy white, golden wheat, rich gray and many other beautiful hues can lend a natural feel to any space in your home. 

Accents: If you cannot always be out-of-doors, select pieces for your home that mimic things you might find in nature.  Whether it’s a unique lamp accented with river rocks, a toss pillow with an aquatic pattern, a majestic bowl reminiscent of sea glass or bookends that feature crystal and stone enhancements, pieces in every room in your home can echo the flora and fauna of the outdoors.

 River Rock Candlestick Lamp

Natural elements: Of course, one of the simplest ways to bring the outdoors in is to do just that.  Add an armful of dramatic branches to a beautiful vase.  Showcase a profusion of wildflowers in a unique vessel. Collect a group of unique stones on a beautiful tray.  Display things that have meaning to you and echo places and spaces in nature that you love.  This will both personalize your space and echo locales that have meaning to you.

Don’t be afraid to mix things up a little bit when decorating your living, dining and sleeping spaces.  Incorporating natural elements means careful selection of colors, intentional accumulation of accent pieces and thoughtful display of natural elements. The combination of these things creates a matchless, nature inspired space that is relaxing and soothing.  Whether you taking care of business, preparing a meal or drifting off to dream, nature inspired décor is a great fit for any room in the home.

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