Transition your home From Summer to Fall

As summer comes to a close, the weather begins to change.  Cool mornings and crisp evenings mean that autumn is on the way.  Now is the time to stow the cool, crisp, pastel summer décor in your home and turn to a more cozy and comforting look that reflects the change of seasons.  Fall will soon lead to winter, so this time of year has many seeking rich hues, soothing textures and a warmer overall look.  With a few intentional changes, you can reflect the seasonal transition in your home, making each space beautiful and fitting to the season. While many swap décor for each season by changing out toss pillows, seasonal blankets and floral selections, there are a few additional things to keep in mind as you transition from summer to fall.

 Colors: Appointing your home for fall doesn’t mean you have to rely on traditional colors such as rust, orange and brown to evoke the season.  Consider toss pillows or decorative accents in a metallic like bronze or pewter, or include a toss blanket or decorative accent piece in a surprising yet fitting color like rich plum or deep teal. And when selecting items to augment your décor, consider beautiful and unexpected prints like a chevron pattern or an animal print.  Both can convey the warmth and feel of the season.

Layers: Clothing isn’t the only thing you should layer as the weather gets cooler. In your home, layering textured rugs, cozy coverlets, banks of downy pillows and other pieces creates texture, depth and a sense of coziness in your home. Carefully layer an assortment of patterns and colors to create a combination that’s pleasing to the eye and fitting for the season. 

Bedding: Now is the time to swap your cool, crisp sheets and light coverlet for some more weighty and cozy bedding options. Autumn is the perfect time to add a heavy, plush duvet, nubby throw, cozy blankets, additional layers and heavier sheets when dressing your bed.  If you favor cool, crisp white sheets in the summer, consider using warm taupe, soothing grey or another deeper tone for your fall-into-winter bedding.

Nature: When decorating your living, dining and slumbering spaces, it’s always wise to incorporate natural elements.  A vase of fresh flowers, urn of dramatic branches or a few careful herb garden cuttings showcased in a small vessel bring the outdoors in and automatically convey calm and beauty.  When selecting natural elements for your space this autumn, select items that are beautiful to you and also reflect the season. An armful of leafy boughs or a few seasonal floral sprigs can complement your space and reflect seasonal autumnal beauty in your spaces.

Transitioning your home from summer to fall doesn’t have to be complicated. Choose colors and natural elements that are beautiful to you.  Remove summer’s light and airy bedding and indulge in dreamy and xozy bedding fitting for the fall season and the winter days to come.

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