How to mix patterns and textures

You’ve seen the photos in designer magazines or on Pinterest or Instagram: beautifully appointed rooms featuring a wealth of patterns in a variety of colors.  The result is a stunning, matchless space that’s bold, quirky and attractive. How can you intentionally create such a lovely space in your home? Remember a few simple tips and tricks to help you create a collection of patterns that textures that is both visually stunning and personalized to your taste.


Determine a color palette: Before doing anything else, select a color palette for the space, room or home you are decorating.  Do you favor neutral tones, bold colors, cool pastels, warm hues or rich tints?  Consider what colors you want to feature in a certain space, and allow that to become the basis of your design for the entire area.

 Combine white and a colored pattern: White truly does go with everything, but can also serve as the backdrop for a very bold, colored pattern when needed. Whether you love nautical navy and white, bold black and white, playful red and white or more subdued gray and white, use a single color combination as your base, then expand the theme with various patterns including stripes, chevrons, paisley, polka dots and other patterns, layering thoughtfully for a beautiful effect.

 Combine neutral colors and large prints: Similar to the method above, neutrals such as tan, grey, taupe and pewter are wonderful base colors upon which you can layer bold plaids, animal prints or other large, stylish prints. The neutral, subtle colors blend well with the bold patterns, working together to both anchor the room and also provide visual interest and matchless style.

 Utilize a variety of scales: No matter what color palette you choose, remember to include a variety of pattern sizes, interspersed with solids for contrast. Include large scale, medium scale and small scale prints, alternating them to keep the eye from being overwhelmed and to create movement and interest within a space.

 Use what you love: Don’t be afraid to be bold! Did you pick up a stunning hot pink ottoman while on vacation? Use it as the centerpiece for your living room. Do you have a superb, striking lamp that you adore? Feature it in your sleep space.  Are you considering purchasing striking and beautiful pillows in a unique design? Use them as the inspiration to set the tone and mood of your home office. In short, don’t be afraid to use what you love.

Whether you prefer a traditional look, a boho chic space, an industrial farmhouse look or something completely different, don’t be afraid to add patterns and textures to the living, dining and slumber spaces in your home.  By carefully curating a beautiful assortment of items, you can create a matchless look that is both beautiful and welcoming. 

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