How to set up the perfect work from home space

Whether you’ve worked from home for a long time or recently found yourself needing a dedicated home work space due to recent events, there are a few key things to remember when setting up a home office.  Depending on your job and the type of industry in which you work, your needs and office space particulars are going to vary.  But it’s important to remember to carve out a space within your home to take care of business.  Take a few simple yet intentional steps to make it beautiful, function and workable for you, and you’ll find yourself inspired and eager to tackle the tasks at hand in your lovely and efficient space.


Choose a space: Although laptop computers make it easy for many kinds of work to be done almost anywhere, it’s imperative to remember not to set up your office on your bed or sofa.  These spaces should be kept separate from your work space and should be used only relaxing…not work.  Instead, choose a spare bedroom, corner of the living room, rarely-used dining room or other room or section of a room in your home to set up a work station. If you share your home with others, consider what kind of privacy you may need during work times for video calls, phone calls and other work activities.

Add illumination: It is important for any area in your home to have proper lighting, and a work from home space is no exception.  Make sure you utilize desk lamps, table lamps, standing lamps or overhead lighting to provide ample illumination to properly view your computer screen, files, paperwork and other needed items without straining your eyes.

Make it comfortable: Appoint your work station with a functional yet beautiful desk, table or work surface, then add an ergonomic chair and shelving, rolling carts or other storage options to keep often used items within reach.  Consider how long you will be at the work station each day.  It is important to choose furnishings, seating and storage pieces that are not only lovely but also comfortable and easy to use.

Consider connectivity: Be sure to select a workspace that has ample access to power outlets and internet connectivity.  Add power strips, signal boosters and other technology enhancements as needed to ensure that you can take care of business from the home office location of your choice.

Add flair: After carefully considering all of the above, don’t forget to make your space beautiful!  Add a green plant, a scented candle, some stylish decorative items, a pretty rug, a plush throw, a supportive pillow or other elegant touches to add personal style and beauty to your workspace. 

Whether your work from home status is temporary or more permanent, it is worthwhile to create a work from home space that is not only functional but beautiful.  With some careful planning and intentional item selection, you can create a tranquil yet functional office space within your home that allows you to take care of business in elegant style.

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