Top Interior Design Trends You Can Expect in 2022

New year, new look for your home! There’s a wealth of opportunity if you’re ready to ring in 2022 with a new design project that creates amazing change in your interiors. The top interior design trends of 2022 are exciting and invigorating, opening up new possibilities for personal expression to make your home a true reflection of your aesthetic and taste.

  • Showcase Kitchens

If you’ve got the space and the budget, a bonus kitchen is one of the hottest 2022 kitchen trends.

“Kitchens for upscale residential homes, ranging from $12 million and up, are designed for ‘exhibition,’” says professional designer Charlotte Dunagan. “More form than function, these kitchens are a place to chat and meet, the ‘heart’ of the home. They are used for morning coffee, a snack or a glass of wine. It’s a kitchen that’s all about design, with as few appliances as possible.”

2022 kitchen trends

  • Luxe Comfort

Comfort was key during the pandemic when lockdowns kept us at home. In 2022, we’ll still want to feel warm and safe in our personal spaces even as we’re out and about more. This coming year, the twist is rendering those comfort items in sumptuous textures and materials.

This home decor trend points to throw blankets, decorative pillows and upholstered furniture in fabrics that look and feel beautiful, such as velvet, corduroy and silk. Choose a classic neutral or opt for an extra-luxe jewel tone in rich hues.

top interior design trends 2022

  • Bathrooms That Double Your Pleasure

One of the most popular amenities in larger homes has traditionally been his-and-her bathrooms that give couples their privacy. Now, the 2022 bathroom trend brings partners back together again, albeit in larger, grander spaces than a typical bathroom.

“Our clients are requesting a larger master bathroom with dual sinks and two toilets,” says professional designer Dunagan. “They also prefer a larger walk-in shower, big enough for two, or an oversized soaking tub. Curiously, people are finding that time with their partners is scarce, so soaking in a tub together or washing their faces side by side can create a moment for a chat or intimate tete-a-tete.”

2022 bathroom trends

  • Something Old, Something New

Family heirlooms and cherished flea market finds are another way to personalize your interior design, post pandemic. Surrounding yourself with objects you treasure makes a space extra special. There’s also a wonderful juxtaposition when you pair a vintage vase with a sleek and modern metallic decorative bowl. Or give something old brand-new life with a new coat of paint or reupholstery. You’ll get the vintage feel with contemporary flair.

To create maximum impact, look for similar items that you can group together. A collection of antique inkwells, botanical prints or Italian plates make for a handsome display in any room. 

  • Natural Wonders

This 2022 interior design trend is a continuation of one we’ve seen in 2021. Natural fibers add warmth to your interiors, marrying the beauty of the outdoors to your indoor spaces. Many of them—including wood, bamboo, cork, glass and organic cotton—are also sustainable for a greener, eco-conscious home. This holds especially true if the materials have been recycled or upcycled.

Linen blankets and wall hangings or woven rattan storage baskets are other lovely ways to add natural elements to your design scheme. Don’t forget to add plenty of indoor plants for greenery, plus abundant natural light they can soak up from windows with gossamer treatments. You’ll create an ambiance that’s peaceful and serene—much like nature itself. 

interior design trends 2022

  • Explore the Rainbow

If you’re ready to make a change from a minimalist, monochromatic palette, now’s the perfect time to make a change. Colors of all kinds abound in many forecasts of designer trends for 2022

And we’re talking strong, vivid colors: sunburst yellow, chartreuse green, cerulean blue and burgundy red, to name a few. And in a new interior design trend, you can incorporate these hues everywhere, not just in strategic pops of color. Just make sure to not stray too far from the color wheel—choose a palette of complementary hues with similar tone or shade for a cohesive, not chaotic, look. 

  • Sweet Sleep Spaces

A bedroom makeover never goes out of style, especially if your room is overdue for a revamp. You can follow our guide to creating a beautiful bedroom, but if time or money is prohibitive, focus on the bed itself.

While classic white will always be a timeless bedroom staple, bedding trends for 2022 point to a range of neutral color choices. Stone, ivory and ecru are just a few of the hues you’ll see at top bedding retailers. Regardless of your color choice, always look for bedding made of high-quality extra long, extra fine cotton for the ultimate in softness and durability.

bedding trends 2022

In With the New

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