Bathroom Design Trends & Décor Ideas

There’s never been a better time to give your bathroom a fresh, new look. Innovative advances in product design and technology give you countless options to choose from, whether you’re doing a top-to-bottom remodel or just need some simple bathroom decor ideas for a design update. Find inspiration for your home with these tips that showcase the hottest bathroom trends for 2021

Make Your Bathroom Smarter.

Technology is an integral part of contemporary life, so it’s no surprise it’s also a major bathroom design trend

Turn on the shower to a preset temperature from your device and the water will be nice and warm when you’re ready to hop in. While you shower, listen to music on waterproof, Bluetooth-enabled speakers. When you’re done, step onto your radiant-heated floor that you’ve programmed to just the right temperature and pull a cozy towel out from a warming drawer. 

Other ways to optimize technology in the bathroom include self-cleaning, touchless toilets, water-conserving faucets and bath mats that double as digital scales.

Streamline the Space.

Simplicity is the key to a spacious, relaxing bathroom ambiance. Designers tout the clean lines and space-saving attributes of floating vanities that are attached to the wall. To keep countertops free of clutter, install a set of floating shelves on the wall. For bathroom shelf decor that looks good and serves a purpose, create an attractive grouping of matching canisters or glass jars and use them to store cotton balls, nail clippers and other toiletries. 

Pick the Right Colors for Your Bathroom Palette.

Warm, nature-inspired shades are trending bathroom colors in 2021. Try cream, gray, ecru and other earthy hues in your paint colors, and carry them over into your tile choices. Don’t forget to include your flooring. You can transform the bathroom with a floor that looks like wood, stone or marble but is made from hardy ceramic tiles that hold up well in a bathroom’s humidity.

The clean, black-and-white farmhouse style for home interiors and exteriors is another design trend that’s been popular for years, due in no small part to the influence of Magnolia’s Chip and Joanna Gaines. It’s a trend that’s also become one of the hottest modern bathroom decor ideas. Try a gleaming white countertop in quartz (another current trend) above a glossy black vanity, with brass or nickel fixtures and natural wood shelves. 

You don’t have to avoid color in your bathroom. Try a light and warm hue that casts a flattering glow on your walls, or add touches of color with your choice of towels or shower tiles. 

Splurge on your tub or shower (or both).

The right shower or tub can create a luxurious, spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom. If you’re doing a full-scale remodel, consider a doorless or open shower, which is much more expansive than a typical stall. The look of a walk-in shower has a dramatic effect and can make your bathroom appear wide open. 

If you don’t have the available space for a larger bathroom, try adding a freestanding tub instead. Deep soaking tubs, either claw footed or flat bottomed, create a sanctuary for self care. There are also many small-sized options on the market that allow you to find a bathtub that fits almost any room. 

Carry through your home’s interior design scheme.

Bathrooms used to be utilitarian, plain rooms, while the living spaces in a home adhered to a specific design style. That’s changed, and now a bathroom can be a showcase of your style. If you’re pondering how to decorate a bathroom, start by taking a look at the rest of your home and translate that style to your bathroom.

Bohemian bathrooms may feature an antique tub, beautifully patterned towels or a plant or two on the shelves. A bathroom with industrial design boasts sleek countertops and metallic accents. Think about ways you can incorporate your home’s colors, patterns or textures into your bathroom design for a beautifully pulled-together look. 

Make it livable and practical.

Don’t sacrifice functionality for beauty. Your bathroom may look gorgeous but it won’t do much good if it prevents you from using the space to its fullest. Add plenty of light sources. (If you have a windowless bathroom, a backlit mirror and plenty of ceiling lights can help.)

Mirrors are also important, especially if the bathroom is where you get ready for the day. Don’t hang the mirror too high, making it harder to see your reflection. Also ensure the mirror is large enough to see everything you want or, if you have double sinks, buy a mirror to hang over each one. 

Finally, you want your bathroom to be safe, particularly if you have family members with mobility or other health issues. Too-low toilets and slippery floors can present hazards that could lead to falls and injury.

modern bathroom decor ideas with bath towels


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