How to Care for Your Luxury Bed Sheets

You’ve taken the time to create an inviting sleep space with luxury sheets that envelop you in blissful comfort. Now you’ve got to take the time to learn how to wash sheets properly to preserve their softness for years to come. 

With lower-quality bedding, you can often get away with tossing all the sheets in the washer and dryer, perhaps with other clothing, and running a basic load. That’s not the case with high-end bedding, however. Washing bed sheets made of exceptional materials requires a bit more attention to detail. Here’s what you need to know about luxury bedding care 

Should You Wash New Sheets Before Using Them?

Yes‚ÄĒlinen bedding care begins right away after you buy new sheets. Washing and drying sheets according to the manufacturer‚Äôs instructions will make them extra soft.¬†

Bedding Care Instructions

Understanding how to clean bed sheets isn’t complicated and shouldn’t be laborious. You shouldn’t have to take the linens to a dry cleaner or hang them out to line dry for hours. Instead, it’s just a matter of following the best care tips designed to promote longevity and keep your sheets looking as beautiful as the day you bought them.

Most people prefer to change their bed linens and wash them once a week. You may decide to wash them more often if, for instance, you’ve been sick or you need to prevent stains after a spill. Setting a regular weekly wash schedule is ideal because it gets the sheets clean but without the wear and tear that can be caused by excessive washing. Follow these guidelines on how to wash sheets to get the best results.

How to Wash Sheets in the Washing Machine

  • Start with pre-treatments: Carefully inspect your sheets for any spots or stains before loading them in the washing machine. If you see any, use a stain treatment in line with your manufacturer‚Äôs bed linen cleaning instructions.
  • Use a mild laundry soap: Harsh detergents or fragrances can actually degrade the quality of your linens over time. A milder soap offers gentle, effective cleaning. And don‚Äôt worry about using more soap than usual for a bulky load of bedding. The normal amount of laundry soap, as recommended by the manufacturer of your washer, is fine. Avoid the use of chlorine bleach, which is detrimental to the fabric.
  • Don‚Äôt go to extremes with your water temperature: One question customers often ask is what‚Äôs the best setting to wash bed sheets. We recommend warm water for your luxury linens. You still get the thorough clean you‚Äôd get with hot water, but without the scalding temperatures that could potentially cause damage or shrinkage. Cold water is also another option. You can wash your bedding in a normal cycle, though a gentle wash is also beneficial; the choice is a matter of personal preference.¬†
  • Run sheets-only loads: It may be tempting to save time on your laundry chores by washing sheets with bath linens, kitchen towels and other items. But washing bed sheets on their own is worth it. A heavy, too-full load will prevent proper cleaning, and mixing bedding with other items that have hooks or zippers can raise the risk of snags or tears.
  • Don‚Äôt let sheets sit in the washer: Be prompt in removing your bedding from the washer once the cycle is finished. This keeps the sheets from getting smelly or mildewed. What‚Äôs more, it helps with wrinkle preparation.¬†

How to Dry Bed Sheets

  • Be gentle: Like the water temperature and cycle setting for washing, moderation is also key for drying your bedding. Use a normal or gentle dryer cycle and don‚Äôt use the highest heat setting.¬†
  • Don‚Äôt let dry sheets just sit: Make sure all your sheets are thoroughly dry, with no damp spots, before removing them from the dryer. And remember that the longer you leave sheets in the dryer once they‚Äôre done, the more wrinkles will set into the fabric.¬†

Ironing & Storing Sheets

  • Iron if you‚Äôd like: If you like a crisp set of linens for easy folding, you may want to touch up your dry sheets with an iron. A low setting is preferable so that you‚Äôre not applying high heat directly to the fabric.
  • Create a safe storage space: Once your sheets are folded, put them in your linen closet, preferably in a storage bag made of fabric. Cool and dry spaces are ideal for bedding storage. In contrast, plastic storage bags are likely to trap moisture or discolor your sheets.

How to Wash Luxury Sheets with Different Fabrics

Following these bedding care instructions work well for every luxury sheet, but some fabrics may require extra attention. 

  • How to Wash Silk and Satin Sheets

These gossamer-like fabrics, not surprisingly, require a light touch. Understanding how to wash satin sheets, or silk ones, calls for gentleness across the board. Use special laundry soap made for delicate fabrics, wash in a cool and gentle cycle and air dry the bedding. This minimal handling will keep your silk and satin sheets in the best condition. 

  • How to Wash Cotton Sheets

Cotton is very durable, especially when it’s crafted from extra long fibers. Cotton percale and sateen, the two most common types of luxury cotton bedding material, can stand up to machine washing and drying as long as you follow the manufacturer’s bedding care instructions.

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