Unique Wedding Gift Ideas: Luxury Towels & Bath Linens

The best wedding gift ideas marry the meaningful with the practical. You want to pick something luxurious--this is a special occasion, after all! You want the happy couple to feel pampered and celebrated. At the same time, you don’t want to give a gift that languishes in a closet because it won’t be used or doesn’t fit the couple’s aesthetic. That’s why high-quality towels are a wonderful wedding gift idea for the bride and groom.

Why Luxury Towels Make a Great Wedding Gift

If you want to give a cherished wedding gift, towels are the perfect answer. Everyone needs towels, and they’re used every day. In a way, a gift of towels helps a couple feather their love nest, giving them the essentials they need in their new life together.

Luxury towels, however, elevate the everyday. Most couples wouldn’t spend the money on themselves while they have other expenditures to keep in mind while setting into their married lives. If you give a towel set for a wedding gift, one made with the finest materials and craftsmanship, it will be much appreciated for years to come.

But how do you know what passes for a luxury towel? Here’s what you should look for:

  • Superior softness: The best towels are like a silky caress on your skin. The softness of a towel is due in large part to the fabric it‚Äôs made of. There are many types of towel material, but cotton is generally considered the best for performance and beauty. Among cottons, Egyptian cotton is incredibly lush for singular softness. It‚Äôs the ideal choice to show the couple how much you care.
  • Absorbency: A too-thin towel isn‚Äôt as absorbent as a thicker towel, meaning it will take you longer to dry off after a bath or shower. However, a too-thick towel may stay damp long after you‚Äôve used it. Look for a towel weight of 700 to 800 gsm (grams per square meter). Wrap yourself in a delightful balance of absorbency and plushness.
  • Craftsmanship: The best towels are manufactured with focused attention on the details. Corners are sewn and seamed so that the towels don‚Äôt fray. Colors are added with a dyeing process that prevents fading. And the towel loops are strong and sturdy to prevent snags or tears.¬†

If you’ve now decided on towels after considering wedding gift ideas for the bride and groom, congratulations. You’ve made a thoughtful choice. Let’s look at how to package towels for the consummate wedding gift.

Make It Personal

An ideal wedding gift of towels should consist of two sets, one for each person. These sets can include a:

  • Hand towel
  • Washcloth
  • Bath towel
  • Bath sheet

A hand towel does just what it says and can be used every time you wash your hands. A washcloth is bigger than a hand towel and can be used to wash your face at the sink or cleanse your body in the shower. Bath sheets are bigger than bath towels, but including both options in a towel set gives your recipient the luxury of choice. You may also want to add a bath mat to your gift set that coordinates with the towels and helps prevent slipping after a shower.

There are many color options when it comes to towels. If you know the couple’s interior design and bathroom palette, you can choose a hue that complements it. If not, you can’t go wrong with a tasteful neutral shade or crisp, classic white.

Towels on their own are a lovely and unique wedding gift idea. You can create the ultimate wedding present by adding other complementary items. Among them:

  • High-end lotions, soaps and other personal care products
  • Comfy, monogrammed bathrobes for the couple
  • Massage oil
  • Loofahs or dry brushes to be used on the skin before showers
  • Bathroom accessories such as soap dispensers or toothbrush holders

When packaging the gift, make sure to include the care instructions for the bath linens. Proper washing and drying ensures your gift will last through many years of wedded bliss.

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