What Are Deep Pocket Sheets?

Deep pocket sheets are a particular kind of fitted sheet specially made for oversize mattresses. But instead of using a bed’s length and width to determine size, deep pocket sheets take mattress height into account.

When most people buy sheet sets, they look for the usual twin, queen, king or California king sizes. But if they buy a king-sized bed and then add a higher than normal mattress, it can be a stretch (literally) for normal king fitted sheets to adequately cover it without the sheet riding up or slipping out of place.

So deep pocket sheets have a very useful role in the bedroom. If you‚Äôre asking, ‚ÄúDo I need deep pocket sheets,‚ÄĚ here‚Äôs some sizing information to help guide you in your decision.

What Size Are Deep Pocket Sheets?

Generally, a normal mattress height goes up to 12 inches. However, newer mattresses on the market can go higher than that, potentially up to 18 inches. You can also add height to a mattress by layering on pillow toppers or a foam mattress pad. 

A deep pocket sheet is often made for beds with a mattress height of up to 15 or 17 inches, depending on the manufacturer. Measure the height of your mattress (including any toppers) to determine the best fit for your bedding. 

You may come across similar-sounding terminology when shopping for sheet sets. Some companies use the term ‚Äúmattress depth,‚ÄĚ which also refers to the height of your mattress. Other brands may use the phrase ‚Äúpocket depth.‚ÄĚ This measurement is calculated a little differently, so take the height of your mattress and add 2 inches to determine your bed‚Äôs pocket depth. (A 14-inch-tall mattress would require sheets with a 16-inch pocket depth, for instance.)

What Are Extra Deep Pocket Sheets?

Start with an extra-thick mattress, add a mattress pad and pillow topper, and your mattress can easily tower above 18 inches in height. In those cases, you’ll want extra deep pocket sheets with a roomier fit to accommodate the extra height. Often, these sheets fit mattresses up to 25 inches tall. 

If you’re in the market for deep pocket sheets, get precise measurements of your mattress and read the packaging labels carefully on bedding. Here you see the manufacturer’s measurement guide and the terminology used. 

Do I Need Deep Pocket Sheets?

If you weren‚Äôt familiar with the term before now and wondered, ‚ÄúWhat are deep pocket sheets,‚ÄĚ you may think they‚Äôre not necessary. But anyone with an extra-high mattress should invest in deep pocket sheets of good quality, considering such factors as thread count and type of material used in the sheets.¬†

Here are some of the benefits of using deep pocket sheets:

  • Making the bed is less of a chore: It takes some time and effort to cover your mattress with a too-short fitted sheet.¬†
  • Sheet quality may deteriorate faster: A sheet that strains to fit over a too-tall mattress can experience wear and tear faster. Plus, it may be more likely to rip or tear. The elastic corners hugging the sheet in place may also become too loose and less likely to keep a tight hold on the mattress.¬†
  • You‚Äôre more comfortable while you sleep: It‚Äôs annoying when your fitted sheet pops out of place in the middle of the night during your normal sleep movement. (And if the fitted sheet slips out of place too often while you sleep, that can put extra wear on your exposed mattress cover as you‚Äôre lying on it without the protection of the sheet.)
  • You get cleaner lines for a modern, elegant bed: Your made bed looks smooth and sophisticated with deep pocket sheets that fit precisely without lumps or bumps.¬†

When you’re shopping for deep pocket sheets, keep in mind:

  • A deep pocket sheet set may come with a larger-than-normal flat sheet, so it hangs properly off the sides of the bed. Read the packaging labels to check measurements.¬†
  • Some deep pocket sheets may be more expensive than a standard sheet set, depending on the brand. Comparison shop for the best prices.
  • Truly luxurious deep pocket sheets will use a high-quality fabric such as 100% cotton, with a smooth texture and high thread count. You may see deep pocket sheets in sateen or percale, which refers to the type of weave. Sateen sheets are typically heavier with a subtle sheen, while percale has a crisp and light feel. The choice depends on your preference, but make sure whatever set you choose uses extra-long cotton fibers for softness and durability.¬†

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