Why Long-Staple Cotton Is The Key To Luxury Bedding

After a long day of work or play, you want to slip between luxurious sheets for a restful sleep.

So how do you create the restorative elegance of a stay in a luxury hotel at home? By selecting the right bedding.  And while many would say that thread count is the most important thing to consider when creating a luxury sleep space, be mindful when considering your options.


Thread count is the number of vertical and horizontal threads in one square inch of fabric. Thread count is not the most important criteria when buying a sheet. It does not ensure quality, softness or breathability.

In actuality, the single most important question a consumer should ask; ‘Is this sheet going to help me sleep more comfortably?’  Elegant Strand searched the globe seeking the finest cotton in the world. We found that ultra-fine, long-staple fibers, which are twice combed and ring spun into silk-like, fine yarns are the key component in cotton that is known for its strength, color and magnificently soft weave.

Elegant Strand uses a perfect weave developed exclusively for our products called a Euro-Weave. This proprietary weave takes advantage of the best characteristics of percale and sateen weaves, combining them to create a pill-resistant fabric that has an exceptional buttery-soft feel and yet is strong enough to resist tears and snags.

Careful selection of bedding for your home ensures that you will enjoy a serene sleep space in sheets crafts from silky-smooth, long staple cotton.  This is the place for the linen connoisseur to sleep peacefully.