How To Create The Perfect, Luxury Bed

When you think of the perfect, luxury bed, what images spring to mind? Crisp, classic white sheets. A luxurious, plush duvet. Delightfully soft pillows. An elegantly simple and restful sleep space.

It is easy to create a restful sleep space in your own home:

Start with fabric:

    Thread counts and cotton types can be confusing.  In order to find bedding that both caresses your skin and enhances the elegance of your bedroom, focus on unparalleled craftsmanship that uses only the finest long-staple cotton in the world. Elegant Strand uses only super fine long-staple cotton that is at least 1 3/8 inches in length, which is twice combed and then ring spun into silk-like fine yarns, guaranteeing the strongest, yet softest yarns and producing a smooth and supple weave.

    Capri bedding


      Thread count matters, but it’s not the only thing to focus on when selecting bedding. Sheet finishing processes have a significant impact on sheet quality and durability.  Understand the importance of both threat count and finishing. Sheet finishing is art with a touch of science added.


        Many luxury beds include a bank of thick, fluffy pillows encased in beautiful shams. Goose down feather pillows add to the feeling of elegance when creating the ideal sleeping space.


          A complete, luxury bed includes silky smooth, crisp white sheets, plush down pillows with shams, and a dreamy, cozy duvet with an exquisite cover.  Look for classic bedding with luxury touches like mother of pearl buttons, high-quality stitching and luxurious softness. And select classic white linens which evoke feelings of luxury and escape.

          See the power of the crisp, white bed. Create a classic sleep space in your home.  This is the place to let your worries drift away and to wrap yourself in luxury.