How To Choose The Best Duvet Cover For Your Luxury Bed

We spend a third of our lives in bed, so creating a comforting and restful sleep space is important. Many focus on bedsheets when creating a cozy sleep spot, but it is important to remember that additional bedding pieces like duvets play a big role in sleep comfort, too. All bedding elements ‚Äď the mattress, sheets, duvet and pillows ‚Äď add up to either a really restful or completely awful sleep experience. Choose wisely!

When selecting bedding fabric, choose a high quality and durable option that is comfortable for you. You will hear a lot about threat count, fabric types, weave and more, but ultimately, choose whatever is comfortable and luxurious to you and soothing to the touch. Pick materials that help you relax and ease into restful sleep.

Seek natural materials: Natural fibers like cotton or bamboo are more breathable and allow for a more comfortable sleep experience. And breathable material adapts more easily to temperature fluctuations and allows us to regulate our own body temperature more effectively. Synthetic materials ‚Äď like polyester ‚Äď do not breathe as well as natural materials and can cause you to get too warm, which makes for a restless night.

Look beyond thread count: High thread count doesn’t always equal quality. It is important to also consider fabric quality. A higher quality fabric with a lower thread count is actually more durable and will allow you a more comfortable sleep than a lower quality fabric with a high thread count. Some high thread count duvet covers are actually less breathable and can cause you to get too warm while in bed.

Consider Egyptian cotton: Egyptian cotton ‚Äď also known as long-staple cotton ‚Äď is worth the price tag. Although it is usually significantly more expensive than other bedding options, it is incredibly soft, breathable and durable. Egyptian cotton duvets are beautiful, they will last for a very long time, and they enhance a comfortable sleep space with timeless style.

Choose the right weave for you: Duvets, sheets and other bedding pieces are available in a variety of weaves. Twill fabric has more of a rough and rustic feel, sateen fabric is smooth and silky, and percale fabric is durable yet crisp. No matter what fabric you choose, it’s wise to choose something machine washable instead of dry clean only for ease of care. Luxury bedding is not defined by just one weave or fabric. Ultimately, your preferences will determine what bedding and duvet cover finishes mean comfort and extravagance to you. 

Look for finishes and fasteners: When many think of duvet inserts and duvet covers, they envision an insert that is bunched and crumpled inside the cover, making for a messy, uncomfortable bed. When selecting a duvet cover, make sure that it includes ties, clips or buttons to secure the insert in place inside. These simple yet important interior fastenings make for a fuss-free, smooth and unrumpled bed and a peaceful night’s rest.

Luxury pillows, sheets and duvets can create a classic and comfortable sleep space that provides a place for restorative sleep. There is no one fabric or finish that creates such a space. Invest in the best mattress, sheets and bedding that you can afford. Choose the materials that are beautiful and comfortable to you. Consider the fabric of not only your sheets and pillowcases, but also your duvet. Careful attention to detail will create a luxury bedding collection that you will cherish for years to come.

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