Tie your room together with decorative pillows

Decorative toss pillows are a quick and cost-effective way to change the look of any room. Toss pillows can be used to accent a sleep space, living space and other areas of the home.  Some prefer to change toss pillows to reflect different seasons, while others like to update decorative pillow selections as styles and trends change and evolve.  Toss pillows are available in a wide variety of price points, colors, styles and sizes, so it’s easy to find a selection that is beautiful to you.  Just remember a few simple tips and tricks when accessorizing your home with throw pillows:


Colors matter: When first considering what toss pillows to add to a space, you need to examine the color palette of the room.  Examine existing furnishings, rugs, bedding and other items.  The select three colors to pull out of these items to highlight with your toss pillow suggestion. Will you choose a combination of light blue, gold and cream? Deep blue, deep red and light yellow? Magenta, violet and mustard? Carefully examine your room’s appointments to determine which colors should be highlighted with your toss pillows.  And remember, odd numbers of pillows look more modern, while even numbers of pillows look more traditional.

Patterns matter: After determining which colors your throw pillows will feature, remember that pattern selection is important too.  A mix of three patterns is often standard with toss pillows.  Consider a solid, a small pattern and a larger pattern.  Patterns can be geometric, floral or another design.  Mix and match items while shopping to see what makes sense together and is beautiful to you. When selecting patterns, don’t forget about texture. The texture of a pillow almost acts like a pattern, too.  Furry or velvety pillows can add charm and pizazz to a space, especially when combined with complimentary patterns and colors.

Size matters: Make sure that the scale of the pillows you select match the scale of the furniture on which you are placing them.  It is important for toss pillows to not dwarf or overwhelm a sofa, nor should decorative pillows be so tiny that they look silly on a bed.  Take your tape measure with you while shopping or pay careful attention to sizes when shopping online.  And remember that a mix of sizes among toss pillows creates unique and custom look.  Avoid decorative pillows that are all the same size. A variety of sizes, textures and shapes enhance the space and keep the eye moving, creating visual interest.

Rules don’t necessarily matter: There are some basic design rules about color, shapes and patterns, but it’s important to remember to select items that are beautiful to you.  Choose pillow combinations that you love to enhance your living and sleeping space.  Choose pillows that match your personal taste in materials and finishes that fit your lifestyle.  Some have homes full of children and pets and prefer a mix-match look and durable fabrics.  Others entertain frequently and prefer a traditional and more formal look.  Select items that you love to enhance your home.

Decorative pillows are one of the many ways you can quickly change the look of many rooms in your home.  Carefully consider your lifestyle, your preferences and what you find beautiful, then select pillows to reflect your mood, the seasons or to freshen a space quickly and simply.

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