Ways to destress before bed

Even if you have a serene sleep space that is well appointed with lovely bedding and beautiful details, it can be hard to drift off to dream after a long and hectic day.  Good sleep is important for good health.  It is important to destress and invoke a feeling of calm at the end of each day in order to enjoy restorative slumber.  Remember a few simple steps each evening to help you destress before bed so you can enjoy sweet dreams:

Take a bath: Soaking in a warm bath helps to ease tight muscles and relieve tensions that have built up during the day.  Use lavender scented bath products, light a lavender scented candle or diffuse lavender scented oils to further promote relaxation.

Enjoy soothing music: After a day full of stress and strain, a light backdrop of soothing music can calm your mind and improve your mood. Whether you prefer light jazz, classical music or another genre, choose some gentle and calming music that is beautiful to you and enjoy the tunes as you wind down.

Exercise earlier: Exercise is good for the mind and the body, but it is important to conduct vigorous exercise early in the day.  The later in the day you exercise, the more it can negatively impact your sleep cycles. Some gentle stretching or moderate yoga in the evening for relaxation can be beneficial, but leave the strenuous exercise for the morning.

Remember rituals: Incorporating calming rituals into your day, especially in the evening, can help promote and overall feeling of wellness and relaxation.  We are more able to fully relax when we know what to expect.  Looking forward to a calming cup of herbal tea, a few chapters of a good book or another serene and pleasant activity in the evening can help your body and your mind unwind after a busy and stressful day.

Write it down: Whether you journal your feelings expansively or are a more reserved and succinct list maker, taking the time to write down your feelings, cares and concerns at the end of the day can help you stop worrying and drift off to dream. Making lists of to-dos, cares, concerns and worries helps you to get those items out of your head and on paper to worry about or take care of later.

Embrace serenity: Fiercely protect your evenings in order to encourage slumber. Set aside a time for meditation and quiet reflection.  Turn off technology at least an hour before bed and allow yourself to destress and unwind in ways that are meaningful to you.  Quiet conversation, a soothing beverage, reading, and comforting rituals remind your body and your mind that it is time to rest and relax.

It can be challenging to escape the stresses and strains of everyday life.  But with a few intentional steps each day, you can be certain you will enjoy restorative sleep each night.  Intentionally focus on creating a beautiful sleep space that is restful to you, then embrace daily rituals and routines the promote rest and relaxation each evening.

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