How to style neutrals – the new trend

Decorating trends come and go, but the refined look of a neutral color scheme will always be a classic and tasteful look for any room in the home.  Especially fitting for a sleep space, a muted color pallet promotes relaxation, offering the weary a serene space to slumber after a long and tiring day. How can you style neutrals to create a stunning sleep space? Remember a few simple tips:

Start with a crisp, white bed: There really is nothing quite like a plush bed artfully dressed in clean, white, quality bed linens. Evoking the feel of a top-notch hotel or serene spa space, a bed that is carefully appointed with beautiful, white, luxury bed linens offers a timeless focal point for any bedroom.  Other details can be added or subtracted over time, yet the white bedding offers sleek and stylish anchor to any room.

Don’t be afraid to mix subtle hues: After selecting beautiful neutral linens, don’t be afraid to blend in subdued shades of white, grey, flax, and cream when adding furniture, décor and other items to your space.  Additional pops of soft blue, muted green, deep tan and even glossy black can continue the serene theme while adding a little flair.

Neutrals allow pattern and texture to shine: When layering smooth, crisp sheets, cozy blankets, plush pillows, lofty duvets and quilted coverlets in stunning neutral hues, the restrained color pallet really allows the textures of each piece to truly shine.  Handsome accents like fine button finishes on pillow coverings boldly stand out in a neutral setting, as well.

Add accent pops in other ways: When using a calm color pallet in a sleep space, don’t depend on shocking colors to make bold statements. Instead add features like a stunning mirror, worn leather ottoman, unique textured baskets and glittery lights to add interest and depth. And don’t be afraid to add big, bold statement pieces like an oversized, funky armoire, exceedingly tall mirror or daring, tufted headboard to add flair to your bedroom.

With a few simple steps, you can use calming yet stunning neutrals to create a beautiful sleep space that fits any lifestyle and any décor. Focus on fabrics, hues and finishes that convey a feeling of tranquility.  The careful combination of tones, textures and details will create a serene sleep space that has you drifting off to dream in peaceful comfort.

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