5 surprising ways your mattress effects your sleep

Sleep is important for mental clarity and physical health. Poor sleep impacts work performance, attitude, emotions and even the immune system.  Creating a beautiful and sleep-inducing place to slumber shouldn’t be complicated. There are many factors that go into creating a peaceful sleep space, but a good mattress is one of the most important parts of the equation.  Did you know that your mattress can dramatically impact the quality of your sleep?  Here are a few things to consider:

Support: If you mattress dips and sags or is too lumpy, hard or soft, you’re guaranteed to wake up stiff, sore and aching each morning.  It is important to invest in a mattress that has zone support to cradle your head, shoulders and hips to ensure that your body remains correctly aligned throughout the night as you rest.  Improper support can lead to a restless nights, ongoing fatigue and chronic aches and pains.

Temperature: Mattresses can be made of a variety of materials including foams, fibers, springs and various kind of fabrics. The way a mattress is constructed and what it is made of matter greatly in ensuring peaceful rest.¬† Some materials trap body heat, causing you to ‚Äúsleep hot‚ÄĚ.¬† More preferred and premium materials allow for air flow and have a cooling effect, allowing you to self-regulate your body temperature through the night ‚Äď no matter what the weather ‚Äď for a serene sleep experience.¬†

Allergens: Older mattresses and improperly cleaned or poorly protected mattresses can become a haven for dirt, dust mites and other allergens.  In addition to being unpleasant to think about, these pests and soil can cause allergic reactions that aggravate skin, cause asthma to flare and interfere with sleep and daytime quality of life.  Invest in mattress covers that can be laundered frequently to protect your mattress.  And replace your mattress periodically to ensure a fresh and clean sleep surface.

Noise: Does your bed creak, groan or squeak when you turn over? If the noise is coming from your bedframe, tighten fastenings to ensure a secure sleep foundation.  If the noise is coming from the mattress itself, it’s time to inspect the sleep surface for damage.  Broken box springs and aging mattresses can make all manner of unpleasant and sleep-disrupting noises as they begin to break down. If your mattress is creaking or groaning, it is likely not supporting you well as you slumber. It could be time for a replacement.

Comfort: Are you a side sleeper? A stomach sleeper? A back sleeper? Do you sleep alone or with a partner or the family pet…or the entire family? Consider a mattress that supports your both your sleep habits and your lifestyle.

 A mattress has much greater impact in sleep quality than you may realize. Quality sleep boosts the immune system, impacts mental clarity, and effects overall health and wellness. In addition to beautifully appointing your bedroom with quality linens and luxury touches, be sure to invest in a premium mattress that will support you as you slumber and ensure a good night of rest.

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