How to select the right rug for each room in your home

Area rugs are available in a wide variety of patterns, sizes and textures, and these accent pieces can add an unmistakable flair to spaces within your home. But selecting the right rug for your living space, sleep space, office space or other areas of your home can be a little overwhelming, to say the least. And incorrectly sized or oddly-placed rugs can definitely make a room look awkward instead of beautiful. So how can you make sure you invest in the right rug for different spaces in your home? When shopping, consider a few elements to help you select the perfect rugs for each space you wish to enhance.

Whether you choose a traditional oriental rug, a nature-inspired jute floor covering or a modern, geometric element to grace your space, area rugs are a wonderful way to tie together the decorative elements of a room, evoke a feeling of warmth and visually anchor a space. If you find a rug you love, let it drive your color scheme. Or pull a foundation color for the upholstery, echo an accent color in a throw pillow and sprinkle in a complementary metal finish for the finishing touch. A patterned rug can unify all the elements.

By remembering a few simple tips and tricks, you can confidently select the best area rug to enhance each space in your home, creating a comfortable and beautiful place to relax.

Before you start shopping, consider the color scheme of your rooms. Make note of main colors and accent colors in each space. Is your style modern, traditional, funky, floral or classic? Selecting a rug for a particular room should echo the room’s design elements and complement two to three main colors featured in the room. If possible, take fabric samples from furnishings or window coverings with you when shopping to help you match colors correctly. If your furniture is plain or very lightly patterned, a boldly-designed rug with a strong pattern adds a fun contrast. If your furniture is elaborately patterned, consider a more subdued rug in complementary muted tones. Dark, opulent colors provide a strong anchor for a space and help a room to feel cozy and intimate, but may also make a room feel closed in. Lighter tones can help a small space feel more airy and bright and give the illusion of additional space.

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There are many ways to style a rug in different rooms of the home. It can be hard to shop for a rug for a particular space, and even harder to imagine how a floor covering will fit with your furniture and room dimensions. Make good use of a tape measure. Measure the size of your furniture, the room itself and compare these measurements to rugs you are considering. In a family room, do not select a rug smaller than 5‚Äô x 8‚Äô or 6‚Äô x 9 ‚Äė depending on the size of your furniture and the size of the room. The rug in this space should anchor the furniture and can extend beyond furniture dimensions to define the space. In the dining room, a rug should fit under the table with enough room for chairs to be positioned on the rug when pulled away from the table about two feet. Again, use your tape measure to guide you. In either space, if you have a wood floor, allow for at least 18 to 24 inches of wood flooring to show around the perimeter of the room. In a bedroom, a variety of rug sizes are fitting. Runners on either side of the bed or anchoring the foot of the bed are a good option to provide a warm and cozy landing place for cold toes in the morning. Larger rugs can be placed under the entire bed and side tables or under two-thirds of the bed to anchor the space. If you are still having a hard time envisioning size after extensive measuring, use painters tape or masking tape to gently outline the area on your floor, allowing you to visualize how a rug will impact room layout.

Traditional rugs made of wood or synthetic materials are frequently fashioned in a cut-and-looped style. But don’t forget that a variety of other textures are available, and an unusual rug may be just what you need to finish your bedroom, dining room or living space. Shag, velvet, sisal, jute and many other beautiful and distinctive options are available. When selecting unusual textures, remember to consider those living in and visiting your home, as certain rug textures may cause a tripping hazard for some. 

All of the above are important to consider when selecting a rug that to complement the beautiful room you are working to finish. But it’s also important to consider your lifestyle. Is your home full of children and pets? Does the area you are seeking to furnish experience high traffic day after day? Rugs made from wool, synthetic materials or even seagrass are easier to clean. And darker colors and patterns hide soil and wear more effectively than light colors.

 Remember, area rugs enhance the décor in various spaces in your home and provide a visual anchor in a room. When selecting a rug, make sure that the color matches the décor of the room, that the texture evokes the feel you desire and is comfortable for you and that the size suits the space. Select a material that can stand up to the foot traffic and lifestyle of your home. A carefully-chosen rug can enrich a space for years to come. With intentional selection, you can invest in the perfect rug for each space in your home.

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