How the right piece of art can transform any room

Beautiful artwork is one of the most important elements to consider when creating lovely spaces within your home.  Whether you are carefully appointing a space for slumber, dining, work, study or relaxation, artwork is considered by many to be the most impactful thing you put into a space. 

Artwork can dramatically change the look and feel of any room. Whether you are considering an lovely giclee, a stunning oil painting or another unusual piece, consider the many ways that carefully-selected artwork can transform the many areas of your home: 

Add color:  In any space, artwork can define or enhance the color palette of the room.  Whether your art echoes the main hues used in space or ties together various secondary shades, wall art can bring all of the colors of a room together to work in harmony.  Select artwork that fits your space and contains colors that are beautiful to you. Choose wall art that contains hues that are also repeated in wall colors, furnishings and accents like toss pillows, throw blankets or décor items to bring a unified look to the room.

Add movement: Artwork is often used to bring a feeling of movement to a room. In regards to artwork, movement means a visual flow that draws your eye from one area of the room to another.   Movement in artwork can create harmony between pieces of furniture and other elements of the room and also creates a sense of warmth and welcome in a space.

 Provide texture and balance: Most rooms in the home contain a myriad of patterned and textured fabrics, assorted furniture shapes and a variety of décor pieces.  Bringing order to this visual chaos, thoughtfully selected artwork can create a sense of harmony. The patterns, textures and colors within a room can be succinctly pulled together by a properly chosen piece of artwork that ties all of these elements together.

 Introduce variety: Switching out your artwork can be a great way to add a seasonal touch or fresh life to a space. Consider slowly building an art collection of pieces that can be rotated in certain spaces within your home, stowing items carefully and switching out pieces with the seasons or as the mood strikes you.  Remember to keep in mind the correct size of art that should be featured within each space. But don’t be afraid to switch things up periodically!

 Make a statement: Artwork can be used as a basis for the design in any space, and may be used to tie together colors or themes.  But don’t feel the need to make a bold statement with every art piece that you feature in your home. Art can be daring or subtle, and both add sophistication to a space. Art is an investment that not only beautifies a room but also invites intentional reflection.

 Frame art


When choosing art, select pieces that are beautiful to you that echo your preferred color palette and design style.  Don’t be afraid to occasionally select something a little out-of-the-box, making a big statement in your spaces. Use artwork to bring harmony to a space, to inspire emotion, to create calm and to echo the rhythms of life. 

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