A guide to buying bath towels

There are many choices available when buying bath towels.  So how do you choose a product that combines durability, functionality and luxury? Simplify your shopping experience by remembering a few key points:

Fiber content: When it comes to bath towels, items made from 100 percent cotton are considered the best, hands down.  100 percent cotton towels are the softest and most absorbent towels available. Cotton and polyester blend towels tend to feature a lower price tag and are quick drying and very durable, but are a less luxurious option than 100 percent cotton pieces.

Finishing process: There are a lot of words used to describe towels and the way they are made.  Combed cotton pieces have been brushed to have short fibers removed, resulting in a towel that is soft and durable.  Ring spun cotton means that towel fibers have been twisted tightly, creating strong, smooth loops in the piece.  Twist describes the loop yarn of a towel, and high twist is very durable while low or zero twist makes for a more plush and more absorbent product.

Visual inspection: When purchasing towels, it’s wise to examine pieces carefully to look for expert craftsmanship.  Neat, secure stitching and carefully-folded edges ensure that the towel will resist fraying and last longer. Double check dimensions of each piece to be sure that the size of each item is what you desire and expect.

Weight matters: Towel weight is measured in grams per square meter (GSM). While you might not have thought about this too much in the past, consider luxury towels you may have used at an exclusive hotel.  Are they heftier than pieces you may use at home? 300-400 GSM is considered lightweight, 400-600 GSM is medium weight, and 600-900 GSM is the heaviest weight available. Many people prefer towels in the 500-800 GSM range. 

Personal preference: While there are many opinions about the ‚Äúbest‚ÄĚ towels, the most important thing to remember is your personal preferences.¬† Do you prefer towels that are extremely soft and plush? Are you looking for a towel that dries quickly and is very durable and long lasting?¬† These and other wants and needs will factor into which kind of bath towels you choose to feature in your bathing space.

After selecting and purchasing the bath towels that best suit you, remember to follow label instructions regarding laundering, drying, storage and other care.  Exceptional wash cloths, hand towels, bath towels, bath sheets and bath mats can be somewhat of an investment, but proper care can allow these pieces to last for years to come.

blue folded towels blog post Beautiful, luxurious bath towels can elevate the everyday bathing rituals.  You can easily create a relaxing, spa-like environment in your bathing space by including bath linens that are beautiful to you and suit your lifestyle, wants and needs. Shopping for these pieces is simple when you remember a few key product features.

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