How to Design Your Bedroom like a 5-Star Hotel Room

Top-notch hotel rooms are often classic, serene spaces full of beautiful finishes that easily promote relaxation and a blissful night of rest.  Paying careful attention to detail, it can be easy to create a tranquil, hotel-like haven in your own home with just a few simple steps.

Bed linens: The first thing to consider when creating a luxury sleep space is bed sheets and pillow cases.  To ensure both premium comfort and a beautiful look, purchase the best bedding you can afford.  Carefully consider thread counts, materials and fabric finishes, and select crisp and classic items that you find soothing and attractive.  But sheets aren’t the only thing to consider when outfitting your bed.  Select accompanying shams and other matching bedding accessories to complete your look. Layer a plush duvet with a cozy throw or consider a timeless, quilted coverlet to convey simplicity and style while accommodating your preferences and sleep style.

Quality mattress: Bed linens and bed coverings are important, of course, but what about the mattress that rests underneath them?  Many first-rate hotels offer lush, supportive, high-quality mattresses that encourage peaceful slumber.  As with bed linens, purchase the best mattress you can afford, paying careful attention to details about sleep temperature, breathability, zoned support and other features that are important to you.

A word about pillows: It is important to include plush pillows for sleeping on any bed, but consider adding supportive and uniquely beautiful square Euro pillows for propping up in bed or stylish, decorative pillows to provide visual interest to the sleep space. A bed full of pillows conveys plush luxury and encourages relaxation.

Beautiful furnishings: A roomy yet classic bedside table or well-placed desk can define and enhance your home’s sleep space.  Select a bed and accompanying furnishings to match your style and create a satisfying, functional space of rest and relaxation.

Finishing touches: To echo the look of a high-end hotel sleep space, feature serene, muted colors in your bedroom.  This allows the room to feel more spacious and also helps to evoke a feeling of calm.  Include beautiful accents throughout the room and include pretty, useful touches such as a bedside water carafe, small sound machine, fresh flowers, a small candle or a unique accent rug.

Varied lighting: Task zones and various spaces can be defined throughout a room with creative and exceptional lighting sources.  Beautiful sconces, unique task lamps and functional overhead lighting all help to frame areas within a room and provide a comforting and warm setting in any space. Adjustable and dimmable light sources are preferred, in order to avoid harsh and glaring light that is anything but relaxing.

Personal touches: Although classic sleep spaces focus on clean surfaces and serene color palettes, it is important to personalize your haven with your favorite art, decorative pieces and personal photographs. Just be sure to utilize a light touch with these accessories, so the space does not feel too cluttered.

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