Accessories for your bedroom

Accessories give a bedroom personality and allow you the opportunity to reflect your personal taste and style. A wealth of options are available via online shopping and local retailers, and it can be overwhelming to know where to begin. 

Consider a few guidelines when personalizing your sleep space:

Unique lamps and intentional lighting: Lighting is very important in any room, but in a sleep space is serves to set the mood and define spaces. Light fixtures can even act as pieces of art. Carefully-placed sconces can highlight wall art, task lamps can illuminate a work space, exercise zone or reading area, and an overhead light will brighten the space for practical purposes. Select impactful lighting accessories that feature a unique bulb, striking lamp base or remarkable lamp shade to add character to your room.  Consider adding light dimmers and lamp timers to allow warm and cozy light to filter throughout your space in intentional ways. When placing lamps, consider natural light sources and the times of day in which your room receives natural light.

Collect art and decorative objects: Carefully curate a collection of objects that you love to enhance your sleep space. And remember, decorating a room with wall art and decorative items doesn’t have to happen quickly. Shop carefully.  Consider intentionally. Let the process happen naturally. When adding items to a room, be sure to add a few statement pieces, but not so many that you create clutter or visual chaos. Embrace a mix of textures and styles in order to create a space that is both beautiful and truly reflects your personality.

Layer items to convey coziness: Consider adding a plush throw blanket, striking decorative pillows, textured shams , an area rug or a quilted coverlet to add an additional measure of style and class to your space. Layers automatically convey warmth and a cozy feeling.  When done correctly, layered items can also add a touch of style and elegance to your sleep space.

Add plants or flowers: Carefully placed light fixtures and thoughtfully-chosen accessories add life and energy to a space, but it’s also important to add a touch of green to your sleep space as well.  A vase of fresh flowers or a well-tended plant add life and unmatched beauty to a bedroom, enhancing the room’s overall splendor.

It is important to select the best luxury linens and mattress that you can afford in order to create a matchless and restful sleep space in your home.  But it is also important to choose lighting options and decorative pillows and accessories that complete the look of the room and reflect your personality.  A few simple touches will go a long way toward creating the sleep space of your dreams.

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