The Importance Of Good Lighting In The Bedroom

The bedroom is a place for escape, rest and sleeping to be sure, but today’s bedrooms in many homes are often multi-use spaces that also contain a corner, alcove or area for a computer desk, exercise equipment, a reading nook, a writing table, a television or media space and much more.

This means that your sleeping space may need to be enhanced by lighting beyond the traditional bedside table lamp or wall sconces. Lighting sources in a room need to be varied, providing layers of light in different areas of the room for different tasks. Lighting sources should be mixed, including dramatic overhead lights, thoughtful table lamps, beautiful standing lamps and purposeful task lights. But it is important to remember that lighting a room correctly is all about balance. Don’t try to add too much light to a room. Shadows or darker spaces between lamp-illuminated areas help to provide depth and contrast that contributes to a beautiful room and a comforting sleep space.

Standing torch lamps can bounce light off of the ceiling to illuminate a room and enhance a space such as an odd, dark corner. Available in many sizes and styles, table lamps create a cozy glow and help define certain scenes or spaces within your bedroom.  Wall lamps or sconces can highlight a broader area and help to showcase artwork, as well. The gentle, downward lighting provided by these mounted fixtures can provide a beautiful and relaxing wash of light that showcases furniture and art work or helps to define a specific task space within a room.

Lamp placement depends somewhat on the sources of natural light in your bedroom, as you want the natural light and lamp light to work well together to highlight and define spaces within the room. The natural light available will vary based on the number windows in your space and the direction your room faces. For example, windows in a north-facing room will allow for less light than other orientations. However, be sure to test out your lighting arrangement at night when the area is devoid to natural light to ensure that you are correctly illuminating all areas that should be showcased.

The right lighting creates a comforting atmosphere in your bedroom. Properly arranged lighting can lift your spirits, will illuminate your daily activities, can help you to relax and may even make you more productive. A few carefully-considered lighting touches can ensure that your sleep space is a place of relaxation, beauty and luxury.

The average American spends about 36 years in bed, so it is important for you to customize your sleep space with lighting and materials that match your sleeping and waking needs.  The correct lighting highlights useful spaces and also creates a cozy and serene atmosphere. Luxurious sheets make you feel as if you are drifting off to dream at a high-end resort.  Restorative rest in a beautiful, correctly-lit and comfortable sleep space is a luxury that anyone can create at home with a carefully-selected lighting options, mattress, sheets, pillows and bed coverings. Start by selecting sheets that are perfect for you, then choose lighting and other items to enhance your place of ultimate rest.


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