Bath Mats vs. Bath Rugs

What’s underfoot in your bathroom should be top of mind when shopping for bath linens. No bathroom should be without a bath mat or rug, but which one to choose? You may not even realize that there is a difference between a bath mat and bath rug but understanding their distinct functions will help you find the product that works best for your home. Learn more about bath mats and rugs.

What is a Bath Mat? 

Bath mats serve an important purpose in your bathroom. They keep the floor dry, which is necessary for two reasons: It reduces the risk of slips or falls on a slick surface and prevents moisture from damaging your flooring with mold or mildew. 

Because of this, bath mats are typically used near the shower or bath so that you can step out onto a safe surface. Bath mats are usually rectangular in shape and often measure 20 inches x 30 inches. However, some luxury manufacturers, such as Elegant Strand, offer large bath mats to cover a wider surface area. Some bath mats will also come with a non-skid backing that keeps the mat in place for extra safety.

What is a Bath Rug?

When it comes to bath mats vs. rugs, the main difference is the function. While bath mats are more utilitarian, serving as a non-slip surface, bath rugs are decorative in nature. They are used as a design element in a bathroom, coordinating with the color palette of the room and your other bath linens for a cohesive aesthetic statement.

Luxury bath rugs give you design freedom because they are offered in many colors, patterns, shapes and sizes. A bath rug may be round or have a floral print; there are plush bathroom rugs or thinner ones with decorative touches such as fringe. 

The placement of a bath rug isn’t limited to the shower or bath, either. In fact, bath rugs often aren’t designed to absorb a lot of moisture or come with an anti-slip backing, which means they may not be practical in these locations. Instead, you can put a bath rug in the middle of your bathroom, or perhaps by your sink so that you have a comfortable place to stand while you brush your teeth, shave or apply makeup. 

Bath mats and rugs each have their own special attributes. Before purchasing one for your bathroom, consider how you want to use it and how it will look within the interior design of the space. One of the key characteristics to keep in mind is the material used to craft the bath mat or rug. In that respect, they both have something in common.

Best Luxury Bath Mat and Bath Rug Material

You have plenty of choices in regards to your bath mat and rug fabrication. Common materials you may come across while shopping include microfiber, wool, bamboo, nylon, and chenille, among others.

But the best choice by far is cotton. This fabric has many winning attributes, especially when the cotton fibers are of top quality:

  • Absorption: Cotton has moisture-wicking properties, making it an ideal choice for the humid environment of a bathroom‚ÄĒespecially if it‚Äôs used in a bath mat that‚Äôs designed to keep floors safe and dry.
  • Delightful handfeel: 100% cotton offers a silky softness, unlike any other fabric. It will feel incredible under your feet at the start of a long day or as you wind down in the evening.
  • Durability: Bath mats and rugs with extra long cotton fibers have terrific longevity. These floor coverings will stand up to heavy, frequent use while retaining their softness and visual attractiveness.
  • Easy care: You need to clean bath mats and rugs regularly; that‚Äôs especially true for bath mats because you don‚Äôt want them to breed mold or mildew if they stay damp day after day. Cotton rugs and mats can be cleaned every week in the washer or dryer.

Bath Mat vs. Rug? You Don’t Have to Choose with Elegant Strand

Our collection of bath mats combines functionality with design sophistication. Elegant Strand’s plush, extra-long bath mats (24 inches x 36 inches, compared to 20 x 30) give your bathroom a sumptuous look with the high performance you need. We use the finest Egyptian cotton in our luxury bath mats for comfort and durability. Plus, our collections come in a range of lovely shades that coordinate with our towel collection to allow you to build a complete set of bath linens. 

We‚Äôve used our design and product engineering expertise to create one-of-a-kind bath mats you‚Äôll be proud to have in your home for years to come. A bathroom makeover doesn‚Äôt have to be complex and expensive‚ÄĒdiscover how transformative the right luxury bath mat can be when you shop Elegant Strand.