Why You Should Choose White Bedding

¬†The possibilities seem endless when you‚Äôre shopping for new bedding‚ÄĒto the point that it may seem overwhelming. There is a rainbow‚Äôs worth of color choices, from delicate pastels to vivid bold hues. Then there are the innumerable patterns, as well as decorative embellishments such as lace edgework or embroidered filigrees. Compared to this, all-white bedding may seem too plain at first glance. But when you think about it, this is the ultimate choice for a luxurious bedroom.

all white bedding and white pillowcases

Benefits of White Bedding

There are many reasons why white bedding has been a constant classic over the decades. It exudes simplicity and elegance for a timeless feel. There’s a distinctive visual appeal to crisp, snowy white sheets topped with a luxury white comforter and pillows. This is why white bedding is a popular choice for interior design firms, five-star resorts and anyplace else where the focus is on creating a sophisticated ambiance that never goes out of style.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll reap with all-white bedding:


  • White linens are a seamless fit with any interior design style.

White is the ultimate neutral, adaptable to any design needs. This bedding matches every type of bedroom, whether it’s French country’s dreamy romanticism, industrial’s sleek lines or any design motif in between.


  • You can unleash your creativity.

Think of white bed linens as a blank canvas for your design dreams. A white bed cover is transformed with colorful decorative pillows or quilted coverlets that add pops of color as well as intriguing patterns and textures to your space. This gives you great adaptability‚ÄĒwhenever you want to change the look of your bedroom, just switch out the accessories, not the bedding itself. (And that‚Äôs handy for your budget, too.) An all-white bed also plays well with other elements in the bedroom, including rugs, furniture and drapery.


  • You‚Äôll enjoy effortless ease.

No time to make your bed every morning? That‚Äôs OK. White pillowcases and sheets still have a chic flair even when they‚Äôre a bit disheveled. This bedding looks stylish, and even sensual, with an unstudied elegance. These linens are ideal for creating a cozy, inviting atmosphere‚ÄĒexactly what you want in a bedroom.


  • You get to mix and match your bedding.

Use white linens as the foundation for a bedding palette by interchanging them with different colors of sheets or pillowcases. For instance, you may make your bed with white king-size sheets and pillowcases then top it with a duvet cover and extra pillowcases the color of your choice. Or flip it around and use a white duvet with colored linens. You can mix and match them however you choose. Personalize your design statement in the most personal of rooms. 


  • White is appealing.

White sheets are often associated with feelings of relaxation. They look clean. Plus, they connote calm and serenity. And if your sheets are beckoning you to curl up for the night, that’s a good thing. Getting enough sleep each night (about seven to nine hours) is vital for your health. You need high-quality sleep to recharge the body and the mind. Plus, it improves everything from your mood to your mental focus. Creating a sleep-friendly environment with white sheets is one way to promote a good night’s sleep.


  • This bedding has the power to change the look of your room.

We’ve talked about all the different design options that come with white bedding and how these linens can influence the vibe in your bedroom. But white bedding can also change how the room appears. It’s kind of a visual hack to add brightness for small and dark bedrooms without a lot of windows. White flat and fitted sheets on a queen bed, along with a white duvet, can create an airy sensation that lightens and brightens the space, seemingly opening up the dimensions of the room. 


  • White is gender neutral.

Florals may be too feminine and pinstripes may feel overly masculine. For couples wanting to strike a balance, white is the ideal balance between the two. White linens are often a popular choice for engaged couples when compiling a registry list. And when those white sheets are high quality, they’ll be part of the fabric of their new home for many years to come.

Find Beautiful Bedding at Elegant Strand

Of course, color is just one factor to consider when you’re purchasing new bedding. Look for the hallmarks of high quality, such as thread count, sewing techniques, fabric type and more.
Elegant Strand is renowned for its all-white bedding collections that are designed with excellence in mind. We use 100% extra long, extra fine combed cotton for a sumptuous feel. That softness only gets better over time, with durability engineered into every set of sheets and pillowcases thanks to our quality fabrics and haute couture sewing techniques. Build a better bed and find the perfect set of white linens for your home at Elegant Strand. 


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