Not All Pillows Are Created Equal: Designing the Best Pillow for Sleep

A standard sleep pillow seems like a simple object, utilitarian in design and practical in purpose. But there’s more to Elegant Strand’s pillows than meets the eye. 

There’s actually a high degree of design engineering that goes into the production of our top-quality pillows. Filling, airflow, density and size are just a few of the factors carefully calibrated to deliver a pillow that’s the ultimate in performance, luxury and comfort. Our pillows stand out not just because they look different than a typical pillow but because they feel different, too.

We’ve put tremendous time and effort into developing our pillow design because we believe it’s the secret to vibrant well-being. When you have the right pillow, you sleep better at night. And when you sleep better at night, you avoid so many health issues. Poor sleep quality is linked to daytime fatigue, difficulty with memory and focus, mood swings, and a higher risk of diabetes, obesity, heart disease and other serious health conditions. 

At Elegant Strand, you’ll find that we’ve crafted a unique luxury pillow. On the outside, you get a silky softness and beautiful feel similar to the types of pillows you find at luxury resorts. On the inside, you get innovative construction you won’t find in any other pillow.

For the Best Down Pillows, It’s What’s Inside That Counts

There are several options when it comes to pillow fill, also called pillow stuffing. Polyfill, cotton and latex are all popular choices, while others—such as buckwheat hull or wool—are less common. The use of memory foam has been on the rise in recent years. Primarily made of polyurethane, memory foam fill comes either shredded or in a block form, either of which can mold to the shape of the head.

However, two classic fills have stood the test of time because of their reputation for quality and comfort. Feather pillows offer a lightweight feel, with the ability to conform to the shape you prefer—this makes the pillows versatile because they adapt to any sleeping position. The other option is down, typically taken from underneath the feathers of a goose. Goose-down pillows have an incomparable softness compared to other types of pillow fill, combined with enhanced durability. We combine the best attributes of down and feather fills in one ingenious goose down feather pillow design. 

Elegant Strand European Goose Down Feather Pillow

The “Double Pillow” Design

Our Italian-made pillows are renowned for the “double pillow” design. The pillow’s core is filled with fine goose down feathers and then enveloped by down to achieve the effect of a pillow within a pillow. The result is a supremely soft goose down pillow that also offers the ultimate in comfortable support. 

You can use this pillow in any sleeping position—on your back, side or stomach. We also offer two choices of support, medium and firm. For an optimal night of rest, use one of each kind of sleeping pillow. The firm pillow is thicker and makes an ideal foundation pillow. The medium-support pillow is thinner and you can adjust it as desired to get maximum comfort.  Using the medium and firm pillows together provides both support and flexibility.

Finally, the pillow is encased in a white cotton cover for a classic finish. We offer our feather/goose down pillows in standard, king and Euro sizes. They fit wonderfully inside our pillowcases, which are crafted from the finest 100% cotton for a supremely luxurious feel. Shop our collection and you’ll soon discover that our products meet your criteria for the best sleeping pillows.

How to Get The Most out of Your Elegant Strand Pillow

This may be a great time to purchase a new sleeping pillow, especially if your current one shows signs of wear. These telltale indicators may include stains, small rips in the seams or the pillow itself or a flatness you can’t revive no matter how much you fluff up the pillow. 

You’ll find the right pillows for your needs at Elegant Strand. Once you’ve selected the ones with the desired size and firmness (and the bedding to go with them), keep your pillows in the best possible shape with some simple care tips. Our pillows are made to be laundered for easy maintenance, and this kind of regular care will extend the life of your sleeping pillows so that you enjoy them for many nights to come. 

You won’t find a pillow like ours anywhere else. Experience for yourself what truly restful sleep feels like when you get the support, breathability and comfort from an exceptional combination of goose feathers and down. Explore our pillows, and all of our bedding, today.