Which of our bedding collections best suits your style?

Elegant Strand’s matchless bedding collections allow you to recreate the restorative elegance of a stay in a luxury hotel at home. Create the perfect sleep space with our crisp, classic sheet sets, duvets, pillows and shams. Which one of our collections suits your personality?


St. Tropez: Do you like the finer things in life, but prefer a style that is classic and timeless?  Our St. Tropez collection is for you.  These beautiful bedding items feature a high-thread-count, cool and crisp extra-fine combed cotton that is highlighted with hand-guided embroidery accents in your choice of colors.


What inspired the St. Tropez collection? A dream of sailing across azure waters. A walk along magical beaches where Bridget Bardot once strolled.  A place where artists and the jet set rub shoulders. This is the place that inspired our Saint Tropez bedding collection.


St. Mortiz:  Do you prefer simplicity? Our St. Moritz collection features a smooth and supple all-white sateen made of extra-fine combed cotton. Crisp and clean, these matchless bedding items showcase the power of a crisp white bed to encourage restful sleep.


What inspired us to create the St. Moritz collection? A place of sweeping Alpine landscapes. Ski resorts and an iconic lake. Boat trips and romantic carriage rides. Mountains that take you to the top of the world. This is the place that inspired our St. Mortiz collection.


Capri: Do you find beauty in natural elements and seek to echo that in your sleep space?¬† Our Capri collection‚Äôs flowing, interlaced lines of hand-guided embroidery ‚Äď available in a variety of colors - bring to mind wind, waves and other natural wonders.


What inspired us to create the Capri collection? An island in the bay of Naples. Steep cliffs rising majestically from seas that glow an electric blue. Piazzas, villas, luxury hotels and designer fashion. This is the place that inspired our Capri bedding collection. 


Portofino: Do you prefer leading-edge fashions and have exquisite taste? Our Portofino collection features cool, crisp fabric with haute couture stitching and yarn dyed stripes in three neutral tones that harmonize well with any modern and minimalist décor.


What inspired us to create the Portofino collection? The Italian Riviera’s half-moon shaped seaside village. Colorfully painted buildings cascading down the hill to line the shore of an iconic harbor. This is the place that inspired our Portofino bedding collection


Monte Carlo: Do you have a bold personality that’s always seeking to make an impression? Our Monte Carlo collection features striking bands of color, mother-of-pearl closures, extra fine combed cotton and elegant finishes that are sure to be remembered.


What inspired us to create the Monte Carlo collection? Tucked between French Medieval villages and the Alps. A casino full of frescos and sculptures. The palace where Grace Kelly once lived. Rothschild’s villa. The Matisse museum. This is the place that inspired our Monte Carlo bedding collection. 


Florence: Are you understated and sophisticated, yet prefer to do things just a little bit differently than everyone else?  Our Florence collection features smooth, plush, classic cotton bedding in three sub-tonal hues that provide an extra dash of style and sophistication to any sleep space.


What inspired us to create the Florence collection? Cradle of the Italian Renaissance. Home of Michelangelo’s timeless masterpieces. A place where some of the greatest artistic treasures in the world are preserved. This is the place that inspired our Florence bedding collection.


Elegant Strand collections were inspired by well-traveled and sophisticated destinations in Europe. Which one is right for you? With fine finishes, matchless fabrics and unrivaled craftsmanship, Elegant Strand collections offer a look to suit any personality.


Restorative sleep in a beautiful, comfortable sleep space is a luxury that anyone can create at home with a carefully-selected mattress, sheets, pillows and bed coverings. Start by selecting sheets that are perfect for you, then choose other items to enhance your place of ultimate rest. See the power of the crisp, elegant bed. Create a classic sleep space in your home with our incomparable bedding products.  This is the place to let your worries drift away and to wrap yourself in luxury.

To learn more about our luxurious bedding products, Perfetto mattress collection handcrafted in Italy and more, visit elegantstrand.com and feel the elegance.