What Makes an Exceptional & Elegant Towel?

The best luxury bath towels aren’t created by accident. They’re the result of countless hours of expert product engineering, the use of high-quality materials and an attentive eye for design and detail. You’ll find all of these attributes in our luxury collection of towels

How We Make Our Exceptional Cotton Towels

The fabric choice is everything when it comes to making a premium-quality bath towel. We’ve scoured the globe for the finest materials in order to make our towels stand out from the rest. There are several choices when it comes to towel material, such as bamboo, modal and polyester. Perhaps the most common choice is cotton, which is known for its softness and durability.

Egyptian cotton is even a step above cotton. Egyptian cotton towels are considered the height of luxury—and for good reason. These cotton fibers are extra long, which is the source of Egyptian cotton’s trademark plush handfeel and lightweight texture. Longer fibers also contribute to a towel’s longevity. You can use an Egyptian cotton bath towel over and over again, without a loss of quality. These towels will still be as soft and absorbent as they were the day you purchased them. 

The Importance of GSM

Our ultra-plush towels use Egyptian cotton, but that’s only part of the reason they’re so sumptuous. Towel weight is measured by an industry standard called grams per square meter, or GSM. It’s the towel version of bedding thread count, and generally the higher the number, the denser the towel. Like high thread count bedding, high GSM towels offer superior luxury.

GSM typically ranges from 300 to 900; towels on the lower end of the spectrum tend to feel flimsy and not-so-soft, while towels towards 900 GSM may feel too heavy and not absorb water as effectively. Our 100% cotton towels measure 735 GSM. We chose this number because it’s the perfect weight for drying the body properly in a reasonable amount of time. 

Double the Pleasure

You’ve probably owned a towel or two in your life that felt smooth and comfortable on one side, but the other side seemed to have a rougher feel. That’s because many towels only have an absorbent weave on one side, with a lesser weave on the other. 

Elegant Strand’s 100% Egyptian cotton towels are unique because they boast incredible absorbency on both sides of the towel. There's no scrambling when you get out of the shower to find the “soft side” of your towel; Elegant Strand towels allow you to wrap yourself in luxury. You can pamper yourself every day, and because our Egyptian cotton towel sets are hypoallergenic, your skin will feel baby soft, even if you have sensitive skin or are prone to dryness. 

Find Plush Bath Towels, Wash Cloths and More at Elegant Strand

Our designers take this fine Egyptian cotton and work their magic to create an unparalleled bath linen collection. We offer everything you need for your bathroom:

  • Wash cloths
  • Hand towels
  • Bath towels
  • Bath sheets
  • Bath mats

All of our 100% cotton towels and wash cloths are generously sized, like the bath linens you’d find in a five-star resort. You can soak up their beautiful softness.

And these towels look as lovely as they feel. We’ve put great care and consideration into the color palette for our towel collection. We offer classic white, of course, as well as a range of neutral colors designed to fit into every kind of bathroom color scheme. We also are proud to offer a specialty collection of towels in beautiful blues, ranging from soothing Sky-Blue to rich Marina. Egyptian cotton offers tremendous color fastness; your bath linens won’t fade or grow dull.

Additionally, you’ll see the distinctive finishing touches that elevate our Egyptian cotton towels above any of our other competitors. We put painstaking care into the manufacturing process, ensuring all of our towels are uniform in measurement and have secure stitching that prevents wear and fraying on the edges.

Timeless design, extravagant softness, exceptional craftsmanship. These are all the things to look for when purchasing towels—and you’ll find them all at Elegant Strand. 

Shop Our Egyptian Cotton Towel Sets Today

Sumptuous towels are a simple way to add joy and beauty to your day. Elegant Strand bath linens are an affordable long-term investment that pays off in years of enjoyment (especially when you follow the easy care instructions for Egyptian cotton). Explore our unmatched collection of luxury towels and buy a set for every bathroom in your home. 

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