Why Crafting the Best Sheets Is So Important To Us

ÔĽŅUnboxing your shipment of Elegant Strand bedding is a delightful experience. That‚Äôs because we‚Äôve created simply the best sheet sets on the market. You‚Äôll marvel at the sumptuous feel and sophisticated look of your new linens, and you‚Äôll be tempted to put them on your bed as soon as possible.¬†

We want our luxury sheet sets to create an unparalleled sleep experience, like the dreamy nights of rest you enjoy at your favorite five-star resort. To achieve that goal, we’ve applied all of our product design and engineering expertise to the task of making cotton sheet sets that are unmatched anywhere else.

We believe a bed isn’t just a place to sleep: it’s a safe space. This is where we lay down our cares to rest well after a hard day’s work, stay close to our loved ones and conjure dreams. You, and your bed, deserve only the best quality bed sheets.

What Makes Our Sheets So Luxurious

You can see the difference between our sheets and others on the market. It’s in the haute couture stitching, the artistry of our designs, the softness of our fabrics. Here are some of the reasons why Elegant Strand is home to the most luxurious sheet collections.

Fabric Choice

We source best-in-class raw materials to create superior sheet material. It starts with extra long, extra fine cotton fibers. Cotton is considered the best fabric for bed sheets for its quality and versatility. However, broken or short cotton fibers result in bedding that feels rough or flimsy. The long and strong fibers we use give our 100% cotton sheet sets an undeniable softness and a wonderful durability. This is quality that lasts.

High Thread Count

It’s common knowledge that higher thread counts signify more luxurious bedding. Thread counts are determined by how many fibers are woven vertically and horizontally per square inch of fabric. More fibers equal a high thread count with a dense, tight weave that creates softness. All of our bedding features high thread counts for the best quality sheets.

Fabric Weave

There are two main types of weaves when it comes to sheets. Percale has a crisp, breathable feel, while sateen is heavier and silkier, with a subtle sheen. We use both types of weaves, but we also wanted to create a singular fabric unique to Elegant Strand that shows our commitment to quality and luxury.


This proprietary weaving technique combines the finest characteristics of sateen and percale. It’s the best of both worlds. Our Euro-Weave bedding, like all Elegant Strand sheets, only gets better over time, growing softer with each wash.

Fine Detailing

We’ve engineered our sheets with precision measurements so that they fit your bed perfectly; they won’t sag or need to be tugged and overly stretched to cover your mattress. We also use the best dyeing methods to ensure color fast sheets, as well as meticulous stitching and sewing techniques to prevent frayed or worn edges. These are all necessary components of the best luxury sheets.

A perfectly made bed covered in fresh sheets is irresistible. The best sheets have a magical quality, transforming the bedroom from a place where we sleep into a place where we want to live. We spend a third of our lives sleeping in our bed; that’s roughly 25 years. At Elegant Strand, we create good bed sheets that will envelop you for the most comfortable sleep, from the minute you rest your head until the moment you wake up in the morning.

Elegant Strand’s Best Cotton Sheet Sets

Exceptional product engineering and design artistry go hand-in-hand for the best bed sheets. Both attributes are on display in our bedding collections. We imbue our sheets with a timeless, cosmopolitan sensibility found in some of Europe’s most beguiling cities. These endlessly chic designs never go out of style.


This 700 thread count embroidered sheet set evokes the luxury of the French Riviera. Choose from four colors of hand-guided embroidery.


Pristine white sheets are the ideal canvas for the graceful embroidery featured in this collection, available in three neutral colors. The 350 thread count Euro-Weave offers breathability and comfort.

Monte Carlo

We dye our Euro-Weave to create distinctive neutral color bands. They’re appealing complements to the clean white of our cotton sheets.

St. Moritz

Our version of a classic white sheet set is crafted from sateen fabric. You get a carressable softness that is especially inviting during cooler months.


We've curated three statement-making neutral shades in this striking collection. The 350 thread count Euro Weave ensures your sheets will enjoy great longevity without fading.


This cotton sheet set has a crisp, cool feel. Neutral pinstripes add a sophisticated design element.

Shop Elegant Strand for the Best Luxury Sheets

We have a passion to deliver the best quality bed sheets to our customers. That’s why we won’t rest until we’ve developed bedding products that meet our exacting standards. You’ll enjoy exceptional design and craftsmanship when you purchase Elegant Strand bedding, plus you get affordable prices because we cut out the costs typically associated with middlemen. Streamlined, superior customer service gives you a five-star shopping experience at Elegant Strand. Browse our bedding collections today.