Revamp your bedroom with beautiful décor items

Looking to refresh your sleep space but don’t know how to get started?  With a few simple steps, you can update your room and add a little pizazz.  Simple changes can make a big impact, no major renovations needed!

Invest in new bed linens
A new, crisp set of sheets or an updated duvet cover in soothing tones can go a long way toward adding a new look to any bedroom. Fresh linens can update the feel of your space and will provide matchless comfort at the end of a long day as you drift off to dream.

Consider updated throw pillows
If your budget doesn’t allow for a full room overhaul, small changes can still have a lasting impact.  New toss pillows in your favorite hues can enhance a space and add a touch of flair that may have been previously absent.  Don’t underestimate the ability of toss pillows to complete transform an area.  Options are available in a variety of styles, textures and colors including solids, florals, geometric patterns and more.  From traditional styles to modern flair, throw pillows offer a quick update to your bed, accent chair, bench or seating area.

Don’t forget about lighting
Zoned lighting is essential when creating a beautiful sleep space.  Lights can highlight areas for tasks such as reading and dressing.  But beautiful and dramatic light fixtures can also function as statement pieces in a room.  Lamps can be made from glass, stone, metal or a variety of other materials, and shades are available in a wide variety of styles and colors.  Choose a gorgeous lamp that you love to add an artistic element to your sleep space.

Add a statement piece
In addition to beautiful bedding and dramatic lighting, feature a few statement pieces that you love in your bedroom.  Unique photo frames, unusual storage boxes, attractive trays, dramatic vases, handsome candle holders and stunning bookends can define the look in your sleep space while reflecting your unique personality.  Carefully curate items that are beautiful and functional, being cautious to not over-accessorize.

Rearrange your furniture
Sometimes, the simple things make a big difference. If you sleep space allows, shuffle the orientation of your bed and rearrange your dresser, side table, bench and other furniture items to create an entirely new look.  Carefully measure items and consider doorways, walkways and room usage before you begin. Using intentional planning and a little muscle, you may find that the new arrangement contributes the updated feel you were looking for.

A bedroom is more than just a space to slumber at the end of a long day.  With a few careful touches and some thought and planning, you can update your bedroom to reflect your personality and add beauty to your everyday routines.

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