How to make your towels last longer

Beautiful, fresh-smelling clean towels can elevate the art of bathing from the mundane to the extraordinary.  Gorgeous, plush towels evoke the feeling of a spa or retreat and bring a bit of glamour to a daily routine. Quality, luxury towels can be somewhat of an investment, so how can you make your towels last longer, so you can enjoy them again and again?

Wash intentionally
Towels fresh from the dryer smell and feel heavenly.  But it is important not to launder your towels too frequently, because this can cause fading and wear and will break down the fibers of your items.  Washing your towels no more often than every three days will ensure that you can prolong the longevity of your beautiful bath pieces.

Launder correctly
Although it may be tempting to utilize an excessive amount of laundry soap to ensure that items are clean, resist the urge. Excess soap can build up on towels, effecting their look and function. And use moderate temperatures when laundering items. Excessive water temperature when washing and excessive heat when drying can fade items and cause premature wear, as well. Also, avoid using fabric softener products on towels, as these items coat towel fibers causing them to lose absorbency and feel slippery to the touch. 

Dry carefully
Using moderate heat when drying towels in the dryer is important to prolong the life of your items. But it’s also important to dry towels thoroughly after a bath or shower in between launderings. Do not allow wet towels to pile up on the floor. Hang towels on a hook, drying rack or line after use, allowing each towel to dry completely.  Mold, mildew and mustiness can develop if you do not allow items to dry thoroughly after each use.

Store sensibly
Fold extra towels neatly and store them in a cool, dry cabinet or linen closet when not in use.  Be sure that your storage area allows for ample air flow so towels do not develop mustiness or accumulate excess dust during storage. 

Consider color
Lighter colored towels contain less dye than darker colored towels.  Extra dye in towels can result in beautiful and vibrantly colored items, but the heavy pigment is more damaging to the towel fibers. Darker colors also show fading more quickly than their lighter-colored counterparts.

Buying the best and most luxurious bath towels you can afford is one sure way to add a touch of extravagance to your daily routine. Appointing your bathroom with beautiful towels changes the bathing ritual from commonplace to indulgent.  By taking a little extra care, you can extend the life of your beautiful bath towels to ensure that you enjoy luxury for years to come.

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