New Home Checklist: Bedroom Essentials

Moving into a new home is exciting, but it comes with a lengthy and detailed to-do list. One of the most important items on that new home checklist is setting up your bedroom. This room is your sanctuary, your refuge. You want to take the time to get it exactly right. (Plus, you want a comfortable place to rest your head at night after those long days of moving into your house.)

There are several must-have items to help you create your ideal bedroom. Selecting pieces that reflect your unique style sensibility will result in the bedroom of your dreams. Here’s what you should include on your checklist for moving into a new home.


This is the foundational piece for your bedroom, the centerpiece you‚Äôll build the room around. You first want to settle on the size‚ÄĒyou may want a California King, but it can overpower the room if your space isn‚Äôt large enough. Then you‚Äôll consider the style. That can be anything from a sleek mahogany sleigh bed to a bohemian, vintage-style metal bed. If the headboard will be a focal point, you may want to opt for one with elegant upholstery. If you‚Äôre short on storage space, look for a bed that has built-in drawers at the base or a headboard with shelving.


You’ve chosen a beautiful bed. Now it’s time to make it functional. A mattress is one of those bedroom essentials you can’t do without. Take the time to shop and test mattresses to find the one that offers the right level of support for you. 


The look and feel of your bedding sets the tone for your room. A neutral palette in soft, sumptuous fabrics can be incredibly soothing. Add pops of color with luxe decorative pillows or shams. Look for sheet sets and pillowcases with a high thread count; high quality equals long durability. Layer your bedding with a silky duvet cover and quilted coverlet for a supremely polished look. 


Like mattresses, you need to do some legwork to find the perfect pillow for your personal comfort level. Look for one that‚Äôs firm enough to offer support for any sleeping position. Our Italian-made pillows, for instance, feature a ‚Äúdouble pillow design‚ÄĚ crafted from goose down and feathers for many nights of sweet sleep.


This modest piece of furniture is one of those bedroom necessities you can’t do without. You need a home for your clock, a carafe of water or the book you’re currently reading. A nightstand keeps those necessities within arm’s reach so that you don’t have to leave the coziness of your bed. A night table with drawers offers extra storage.

Closet Organizing System

Keep everything neat and tidy by organizing your closet so that everything has its proper place, from shoes, to business wear, to seasonal attire. You’ll also save time hunting for an outfit to wear each morning when your wardrobe is beautifully displayed. Don’t forget hangers, hooks for ties or belts and a hamper for stowing laundry.


You need a place to store all your folded items; a dresser is required. You can place it in the bedroom or install one in your closet as part of your organizing system.

Vanity Table

Certain types of skincare, beauty products and medications don’t do well in the humid environment of a bathroom. Store them all on your vanity, which can also give you a dedicated space to do your hair and makeup. A table with drawers gives you a place to keep jewelry boxes or watches. Add a chair plus a tasteful wastebasket nearby. It’ll be a handy spot to toss tissues or disposable applicators. 


A mirror is a bedroom must have. Perhaps you want to install a full-length mirror in your closet, or a smaller one with a statement-making frame near your door. Either can let you check your reflection before heading out to start your day. A helpful design tip: The artful placement of a large mirror in a room can also create the visual effect of more space.

Bench or Chair

Create seating areas in your bedroom with a slipper chair or chaise. A bench at the foot of the bed has the same effect, plus it can double as storage or a place to put your decorative pillows each night before you get into bed. 


You want to incorporate several types of lights to create a warm glow in your bedroom. This can include a small night table lamp for reading, wall sconces and a graceful chandelier. Dimmer switches allow you to control your lighting and are a thoughtful touch.

Window Coverings

Don’t forget to add window treatments to your bedroom essentials list. There are many kinds to choose from, ranging from dramatic, floor-length drapes to mechanized roller shades that can be controlled by a remote or an app on your phone. The important thing to remember is to select window coverings that block as much ambient light as possible to prevent sleep disruptions from outside.

Alarm Clock

For some people, it’s an old-fashioned analog clock picked up at their favorite antique shop or passed down through the family. For others, it’s their phone or a smart home device that also plays music and displays the weather and news headlines. 


Hardwood floors are a popular choice in bedrooms, but they may feel a little too cold and hard first thing in the morning. Add a plush rug that caresses your feet and brings interesting elements of color, texture and pattern into your room design.

Decorative Objects

It’s the details that bring your aesthetic to life. Fragrant candles or an essential oil diffuser, plants (real or fake), a sculptural vase, family photos or stunning pieces of artwork elevate your bedroom and make it something truly special.


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