Design your dream bedroom with these easy steps

The master bedroom is often the last place to be decorated in a home.  Children’s rooms frequently feature cute themes and adorable décor. Guest bedrooms offer serene sleeping spaces and promote calm and relaxation. Living rooms and kitchens are well appointed with functional yet beautiful décor. But master bedrooms are often sorely neglected and become a dumping ground for items that don’t fit elsewhere.  Is your master bedroom a cluttered and mismatched chaos zone?

Take some time to reimagine your sleep space and design your perfect bedroom with a few simple steps:

Bed and bedding: We spend about a third of our lives in bed, so it’s important to create a comfortable and beautiful space on which to rest each night.  Purchase the best mattress and most luxurious bedding that your budget allows.  Seek a supportive mattress that fits your needs for body support and sleeping preferences.  Select sheets and pillowcases that are both comfortable to you and also attractive. Everyone has different tastes, and there are a wide variety of fabrics, colors and finishes available.  Dress your bed with a lovely duvet, quilt or coverlet of your choice, and consider changing your bedding to fit the seasons or your mood.  

Decorative accessories: A variety of items can be used to enhance and embellish your sleep space.  It is important to take a moderate approach, though. Too many decorative accessories can make a space look cluttered and chaotic.  Combine items like a beautiful tray, striking vase, unique storage box, pretty bowl or colorful toss pillows into a unique collection that truly reflects your personality and style. Again, items may be rotated seasonally or as your mood dictates to keep your space looking fresh. Decorative accessories are an affordable way to update the look of your sleep space without a complete room overhaul.

Lighting: Carefully-chosen table lamps or desk lamps can act not only as a light source, but also serve as beautiful art pieces to enliven your sleep space.  Unique lamps are available that feature stunning bases made of glass, metal, natural stone and other materials, and lamp shades are available in a variety of striking shapes that not only carefully direct light in your room but also made a statement. In addition to lamps, consider combining torch lamps, overhead lighting and sconces to properly illuminate your sleep space and bedroom task zones.

In addition to carefully selecting bedding, décor and lighting options for your bedroom, don’t forget to consider a fresh coat of paint, new window treatments, innovative wall art, statement mirrors and additional accessories like throw rugs or plush throw blankets.  Identify a look or theme that you like that resonates with your personality.  Shop carefully to collect items that reflect the look and theme you wish to achieve.  Well-chosen bedding and accessories will not only create a pretty and serene space, they will help you to craft a place where you can truly relax and drift into sweet and restorative slumber.

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