Simple ways to dress your bed

You’ve seen the photos in magazines or on the Internet: beautiful bedrooms featuring a lovely bed with layer upon layer of elegant, luxurious bedding.  These photographs showcase a plush, comfortable place to drift off to dream, but did you know that every layer of bedding has a unique purpose? It’s easy to dress your bed correctly and completely once you familiar with the components and intricacies of all of the layers involved.

Take a closer look at the details:

The flat sheet: A complete sheet set features a fitted sheet, a flat sheet and pillow cases for your sleeping pillows.  It is important to consider how you place these items on the bed.  The flat sheet should be positioned “right side down” so that the top side will be featured when the sheet is folded back over other bedding layers.  This simple step is imperative to creating that classic, designer, layered look that is so familiar. The flat sheet can be ironed for extra and extra crisp and smooth look.  This positioning also allows the flat sheet’s beautiful edging or fine finishes to be showcased. And don’t skip the step of using a flat sheet.  It provides a beautiful and easy-to-wash layer between those who slumber and the duvet or other bedcoverings.

The bed pillows:  Choosing the pillows on which you rest your head for sleep is a highly personal decision. Some prefer a very soft sleep surface, others prefer a firm option.  There are pillows available for side sleepers, back sleepers and stomach sleepers. Choose what’s right for you.  And then add layers.  In addition to traditional bed pillows, add square Euro pillows to your bed for dimension and depth.  Euro pillows are great for propping up in bed to read.  Layering bed pillows is an art. Add several sizes and shapes to convey coziness and comfort.

The pillow shams: Using pillow shams on pillows makes for a more finished and polished look than pillowcases alone.  Shams are available to match your sheets or bedcoverings, or you may prefer to feature contrasting colors and patterns for a unique look.

The additional layers: Top your plush, luxury sheets with your chosen combination of a cozy blanket, plush duvet, quilted coverlet or plush throw. Some even prefer to add two duvet inserts into a cover for an extra lush look. The amount of layers you feature on your bed is purely personal preference.  Consider the climate in which you live, the time of year and your inclinations.  Are you often cold and seek layers for warmth? Do you find yourself reaching for a cozy throw when reading in bed? Do you need variable bedding options to meet the needs of those sharing your space?  Layers can be customized in a variety of ways to suit your needs.

The accent pillows: Colorful and striking, accent pillows allow you to add fun pops of color and creative embellishments to your sleep space.  Layered on top of bed pillows and Euro pillows, decorative pillows convey your personality and tastes and also give the bed an additional layer of plush luxury.

Bed dressing doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming. The art of layering essential and decorative elements on a bed combines both practical functionality and beautiful aesthetics. With a few simple steps and some careful consideration, you can easily create a lush sleep space featuring thoughtfully-layered bedding elements that suit your personality and promote peaceful sleep.

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