His & Hers Bedding Gifts for Valentine's Day

Love is in the air—and the bedroom—on Valentine’s Day. That’s why his and her bed sets are an ideal gift for your sweetheart this year.

Luxurious bedding is wonderful to get any time of the year because it’s both beautiful and practical. But Valentine's Day bedding is especially fitting. It’s appropriate for any gender as well as an intimate, thoughtful gesture that shows you care about your partner’s comfort. And, unlike chocolates or red roses, his and her bedding can be enjoyed for years to come. 

Of course, not just any bedding set will do. You want to look for specific items crafted with the best manufacturing practices. This ensures your gift will be the highest quality. Here are some ideas that will make Valentine’s Day extra special for your sweetheart:

His and Her Bed Sheets

One set of sumptuously soft sheets is good; two sets are divine. You and your partner can give each other a set of sheets on Feb. 14. 

When choosing a Valentine’s Day sheet set gift, take out the guesswork of selecting a just-right color or vivid pattern by going with classic white bedding that evokes timeless sophistication. Want an extra design element? Choose white sheets with a refined pattern such as pinstripes or elegant embroidery. 

And there’s a bonus to giving each other his and her bed sheets: When one set needs to be laundered, you’ll always have another set of fresh sheets on hand. 

A Perfect Pillow

Well-used pillows may not be as supportive as when they were new. Pillows that don’t properly cradle your head and neck can lead to a stiff neck and shoulders. What’s more, they also make it harder to get a good night’s sleep. 

If your loved one’s pillow is on its last legs, or just isn’t as supportive as it should be, a brand-new pillow will be a welcome gift. Forgo wrapping it. Simply place the pillow on your partner’s side of the bed with a big red bow around it or showered in rose petals.

A Glamorous Quilted Coverlet

Does your wife reminisce fondly about the five-star resort where you went on your honeymoon? Re-create the magic, and the world-class experience, with a quilted coverlet and matching pillow shams. These bed toppers are that extra something special that elevates your entire bedroom design. Look for a coverlet and sham set made from fine fabrics with attention to detail, and you have the ultimate bed linen gift for her.

Delightful Duvets

There’s nothing like snuggling up with your loved one on a lazy weekend morning, curled up in a cocoon of the softest bed linens. A fluffy duvet encased in a cloud-like cover is an extravagant bed linen gift idea. A truly memorable Valentine’s Day gift would be a complete bedding collection, with sheets, pillows and pillowcases with a matching high-end duvet cover. Make the bed in the new linens, light some candles and create a sweet space for just the two of you.

Creative Elements

Want to spice things up in the bedroom for Valentine’s Day—design-wise, that is? Give the gift of bedding accessories that can dramatically transform the look of your room. In addition to coverlet and sham sets, consider a throw blanket in a wonderfully plush fabric or decorative pillows that add color, pattern and texture. 

Magical Mattresses

Want to show you’re committed to your relationship? Purchase a mattress with exceptional construction that will last for years. There are many options out there, not just in stores but also online, to make Valentine’s Day shopping streamlined. Don’t forget to buy his and hers bedding for your new mattress. 

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Make this Valentine’s Day one to remember. Think outside the box (spring) and give the one-of-a-kind gift of a Valentine’s Day bedding set.