Riviera Towels
Riviera Towels
Riviera Towels
Elegant Strand

Riviera Towels

  • 100% Egyptian Giza Cotton
  • Garment Dyed, Soft & Plush
  • Towel Weight 735 GSM

39" x 70" | Bath Sheet $150
28" x 54" | Bath Towel $100
16" x 28" | Hand Towel $50
12"x 12" | Wash Cloth $20
24" x 36" | Bath Mat $90

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Just like many of our customers, I spent years searching for the perfect towel. I was convinced that the best quality towels came with the highest price tags from the fanciest brands at big-box department stores. However, the more towels I tried, the more disappointed I became. Even the most expensive and seemingly exquisite towels were missing the mark. Where was the softness? Where was the durability? And why couldn’t I find a towel with adequate absorbency?

The saying goes, “If you want something done right, do it yourself,” and that’s just what I set out to do. I found a luxury towel somewhat close to my ideal. From there, our Elegant Strand team spent two years improving it to the point of perfection.

The result? Our Riviera towel: A luxurious yet functional towel designed with comfort, absorbency, and durability in mind. Every element of our bathroom towels is intentional, from the expertly crafted, radiused corners created for longevity to the high pile height that delivers superior water absorption. We put thought and consideration into every detail of our luxury towels, right down to the specific weight. After much research and experimentation, we landed on a 735-gram weight to capture a soft and plush feel while still ensuring the towel is light enough to dry quickly.

While every Riviera towel is handcrafted in pursuit of excellence, perhaps the most celebrated feature lies in the details: our branded Giza Egyptian cotton. These special fibers set our towels apart from the rest, as they’re longer and softer than those fibers used by our competitors. Trust us; you’ll notice the difference.

Supremely Soft

Riviera towels are manufactured with extra-long 100% Giza cotton fibers renowned for their softness and durability. The extra-high pile height achieves maximum absorbency. These materials combined with expert craftsmanship place these towels among the finest bath towels in the world.

Ultra absorbency

Our extra-long pile height and 735 gsm towel weight are the perfect combinations for maximum absorbency and quick drying.

Our towels are so good; you’ll want them all to yourself. Personalize your set with our monogrammed towels. Pick from three character monogram/embroidery options for all towels in a variety of colors and fonts.

To keep your luxury towels looking and feeling their finest, follow these care instructions.


  • Pre-wash towels before use 
  • Wash towels with other towels
  • Separate white and colored towels in the wash
  • Use gentle liquid detergent
  • Avoid bleach and fabric softeners
  • Wash on a normal cycle with cold water


  • Shake out towels between washing and drying
  • Place towels on tumble dry on low heat—do not overload
  • Do not use dryer sheets
  • After removing towels from the dryer, gently shake to keep them fluffy
  • Do not dry clean or iron towels

    Washcloths 12" x 12"
    Hand towels 16" x 28"
    Bath towels 28" x 54"
    Bath sheets 39" x 70"
    Bath mats 24" x 36"

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