Create your perfect bed

You deserve a beautiful, comfortable space that’s conducive to restorative sleep. The essential ingredient: a soft, sumptuous bed made with a carefully selected mattress, elegant bedding sets, pillows and bed coverings. This is the place that invites you to let your worries drift away and wrap yourself in luxury.

Hand-guided embroidery

The best designer bedding sets embody a thoughtful attention to detail. Beautifully crafted embroidered shams and duvets with mother-of-pearl button closures and hand-guided embroidery accents are available to complement all of our luxury bedding collections. The finest fabrics are selected to provide the ultimate in comfort. These exquisite details make this a designer bedding collection that you will cherish for years to come.


Elegant Strand, we’ve designed and engineered luxury bedding sets that meet our exacting standards for quality. You simply can't find the signature sumptuous look and feel we’ve created for our designer bedding sets anywhere else. Our collections represent luxury bedding at its finest.

Crafting upscale bedding of this caliber starts with the right material. All of our elegant bedding sets feature 100% cotton, with extra long and extra fine fibers that provide a downy softness. We sew those fibers together with a tight weave that gives our luxury bedding high thread counts, which is a true mark of quality as well as comfort.

At Of course, high-end bedding needs to be pleasing to the eye as well as to the touch. That’s why we offer designer bedding with timeless appeal. You’ll find crisp, classic white sheet sets as well as quilted coverlets and shams that draw on a refined color palette for versatile interior design options. We enhance the look of our bedding with distinctive elements—gracefully stitched embroidery, precisely mitered flanges on decorative shams, mother-of-pearl closures to keep your duvet snug inside its billowy cover.

Impeccable craftsmanship ensures your luxury bedding will look its best. In fact, this bedding only gets better over time, maintaining its silky softness with the proper care. And our bedding is easy to care for—almost every item is machine washable.

Upscale bedding isn’t limited to world-class resorts or elite mansions. You can enjoy this same elevated quality in your own home, creating a bedroom that is an intimate sanctuary of peace and beauty. Explore all of our luxury bedding collections and turn your dream bedroom into a reality.

Complete your ideal bedroom

You deserve a perfect bedding ensemble for the ultimate slumber. Browse the full line of Elegant Strand luxury bedding sets and add additional classic items to your cart. Enjoy selecting just the right pieces for you that reflect your style and taste. Complete your bedding collection with crisp sheets, a classic duvet and soft pillows. All of our bedding collections reflect a timeless aesthetic and high level of quality that is sure to endure. This elevated level of luxury is perfect for the needs of every linen connoisseur. Shop our collections to create your dream bed, one that embodies unparalleled elegance.