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How to Wash a Down Comforter – So it Stays Cozy and Fluffy

Before you put a down comforter into the washing machine, check the tag. ‘Most product undergoes extensive quality testing based on the retailers’ standards, says CEO of New Sega Home Brian Delp, who has extensive experience in bedding across a wide range of manufacturers and brands. ‘This testing identifies the optimum process to care and extend the life of your comforter.’

The drum of your washing machine must provide sufficient space. ‘Use a front-loading, high capacity washer (some top-loaders can work if they are high capacity and without a central agitator),’ says Karin Sun.



Also important when considering how to wash a down comforter is checking its condition. ‘Carefully inspect your comforter for any spots or stains before loading it in the washing machine,’ says Alan Weiner, COO of Elegant Strand. ‘If you see any, use a stain treatment in line with your manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure to look for holes and tears; you’ll want to stitch those up, so the filling doesn’t come out during the wash.’


Always use a gentle detergent to wash a down comforter. You can use a detergent specifically designed for down if you prefer. ‘Do not use softeners or additives like bleach so as not to impact the integrity of the fill,’ says Brian Delp. Fragranced detergents shouldn’t be used either.

Tempted to use extra detergent because of the size of a comforter? ‘Use the normal amount of laundry soap, as recommended by the manufacturer of your washer – you don’t need more just because it’s bulky,’ says Alan Weiner.


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