Why Bedding Makes a Great Wedding Gift

When your friends say “‘til death do they part,” you want to give them a wedding gift that will last just as long. Something they'll treasure, but also something they’ll use—you don’t want to give a gift that’s too trendy or something that will end up collecting dust in a closet. That’s why bedding is an ideal gift for celebrating weddings. 

Bedding: One of the Best Wedding Gift Ideas

This is a gift that checks all the boxes:

Bedding is beautiful.

High-quality linens, duvets, coverlets and toss pillows are the epitome of elegance. The best bedding is sophisticated and timeless so that the pieces never go out of style. Plus, beautiful bedding isn’t just pleasant to look at—it’s also delightful to touch. Think about the sumptuous feel of soft sateen sheets or a plump pillow filled with fine goose feathers and down. Select bedding that boasts fine details, such as embroidered finishes or button closures. Weddings are momentous occasions that call for exceptional gifts—and luxurious bedding fits the bill.

Bedding is functional.

You know the bride and groom will use your gift every day when you give them a set of pillowcases or a bed sheet set for a wedding gift. Bed linens are a practical necessity for any home, unlike, say, fine china that may be stored in a cabinet or armoire most of the year and only taken out for special occasions. It’s a gift that will be appreciated by any couple setting up their home.

Bedding is comfortable.

The right kind of bedding is important for a good night’s sleep. High-end fabrics, such as Egyptian cotton, keep people cool in summer and cozy in winter. Certain finishes enhance the comfort level; sateen is a popular choice for its refined feel. And look for sheets with a thread count between 400 and 500. Thread count is derived from the number of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch of fabric, and the 400 to 500 range is considered an ideal weave for opulent softness.

Bedding is durable.

Aside from look and feel, fabric choice is also important for long-lasting bedding. You want to give well-made bedding for wedding gifts that will hold up over many years of use and multiple washings. You may want to include a handwritten gift tag with washing instructions, so your recipients can ensure a long life for their new bedding. We recommend washing sheets prior to use, avoiding detergents with heavy perfumes or dyes and laundering bedding sets every week to 10 days.

Bedding is meaningful.

The matrimonial bed is a sacred space. It fosters the intimacy and connection that is foundational for a successful marriage. Beautiful bedding creates an inviting ambiance, a welcoming retreat at the end of each day. It’s a place where couples can wrap themselves in warmth and luxury. And as their families grow, it’s a place where they can snuggle up with pets or kids for cherished times of togetherness.

Tips for Buying Bedding as a Wedding Gift

Bedding is a wonderful choice for any kind of gift, including weddings. Here are some good guidelines to keep in mind as you’re choosing a gift for the happy couple.

Stick with neutrals for bed sheets.

A crisp white sheet set is a classic that never grows old. White sheets match up with any bedroom color palette or home design style. You can’t go wrong with this gift. Other neutrals, such as stone, soft gray or ecru, are also versatile options. If you know the colors the couple will use in their bedroom, a quilted coverlet and shams add extra polish to a bed and can be packaged with a white sheet set for the ultimate wedding present. 

Get the right size of bedding.

You don’t want to purchase California king sheets for a queen bed or vice versa. You may find this information in the couple’s registry. Alternatively, you can ask a friend or member of the wedding party if you’re unsure of the bed size.

Don’t forget bedding accessories.

Toss pillows and throw blankets enhance the elegance of any bed and are the perfect finishing touches for a luxe sleep space that looks thoughtfully put together. Get creative with patterns and textures to add visual appeal. A plush faux fur throw or a toss pillow shimmering with metallic thread make a sensual style statement. 

Make it personal.

No bedding wedding gift is complete without that personal touch. Consider adding the couple’s monograms to their pillowcases or sheets. Check out more ways to give that personal touch with these 10 exciting wedding gift ideas to give that special couple a luxury experience.

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