What Is Feng Shui?


Feng Shui is a great way to create a supportive, happy, loving environment. Some people believe that the age-old Chinese system can be a little too ‘outdated’, but there are plenty of elements of this down-to-earth practice that can completely transform your interiors to reflect joy and harmony, and with minimal effort too.

Understanding Feng Shui

Feng shui is the practice of arranging the interior décor of our homes to reflect our personalities, moods, and who we are. The ultimate goal is to create synergy between your home’s energy and your own. Below are seven simple tips that will ultimately help you create a harmonious and peaceful house.


  1. All that clutter in your closet makes a lot of noise that you ultimately want to avoid. Clutter is associated with mental and physical stress, so if you clear out the things you don’t need any longer, you will create more space and even improve your mood for the better.


  1. Using lavender sachets is as Feng Shui as it gets, and it achieves the purpose of adding a new layer of fragrance into your room, keeping tantrums and mood disorders in check.


  1. A great tip to bring peace and harmony to your home is keeping the air fresh. Something as simple as opening the windows for 10 minutes to rejuvenate the air around you can do the job.


  1. Your bed linens should be washed every week to clear out bacteria, dust mites, and keep them fresh. Make sure that your detergent is nontoxic and fragrance-free. The down comforters should be dropped off to your nearest green cleaner every few months.


  1. If you’re married or have a partner, make sure that both of you contribute to the décor of the room. It is often the case that one person does the decorating, leaving their partner out of the room. This ultimately creates a feeling of discord. The idea is to fuse the bedroom with things that both people love.


  1. Don’t forget to make your bed daily! It is proven to improve your productivity for the day and goes a long way in helping you achieve the ‘feng shui’ look.


  1. Make sure to scantily decorate your room with a few art pieces. Don’t over pack the room with complex, dramatic art pieces that could seem confrontational and disrupt your sleep pattern.