Understanding Different Types of Bed Pillows

Creating a calm, serene and restful sleep space means carefully gathering a collection of thoughtfully-selected elements to fashion a beautiful, luxurious and comfortable space that promotes peace and rest. When considering creation of the perfect bed, mattresses get a lot of attention, but it is important to remember that selecting the correct pillows is just as important as selecting the correct mattress.


Proper cushioning and support from the correct mattress and pillows are important to promote correct sleep posture. Maintaining good sleeping posture is key when considering how to attain complete and restorative night of rest each night. Pillows help to maintain your body’s alignment while you sleep, ensuring that your knees, hips, spine, chest, shoulders neck and head are correctly positioned to allow for restful sleep and pain-free waking.


As a general rule, all pillows should be replaced every 18 months, but pillows made of natural materials do last longer than synthetic material pillows.  Mattresses, pillows and bed linens come in a wide variety of price ranges, but devoting funds to superior bedding products is always worth the investment.  High-quality pillows and other bedding items directly result in high-quality, restorative and restful sleep. Quality materials and superior construction mean more comfortable, restful slumber.


When choosing the perfect pillows for your sleep space, consider you preferred sleeping positions.  Back sleepers require flatter and thinner pillows to correctly align the neck, shoulders and back.  Pillow firmness adequate for back sleepers can vary, so find the pillow firmness that leaves you waking pain-free and feeling refreshed.  Stomach sleepers require soft, very flat pillows that do not allow the head to be lifted above the neck and shoulders, because this position can cause misalignment and pain.  Side sleepers require loftier and more supportive pillows to keep the neck, back and torso correctly aligned.


Pillow come in a variety of sizes, firmness levels and materials.  Here’s a quick look at some of the terminology you may see when shopping for pillows to add to your sleep space:


Down: Down is a soft grouping of fibers usually from a duck, goose or swan.  Down is light and soft and is usually found close to the bird’s skin near the chest.  Down has superior insulating qualities due to its unique fluffy structure, and it is used to create supple and luxurious pillows.  On its own, down is not very supportive, so it is usually mixed with stronger feathers to create a lofty and supportive pillow. Although some with allergies worry about the effects of sleeping on a down pillow, most allergic reactions to down are actually due to issues with lower quality down that has not been adequately cleaned.  Higher quality pillows feature hypo-allergenic down that has been rigorously cleaned to both reduce allergens and extend the life of the pillow.


Feathers: Feathers for pillows are taken from the wings and backs of geese or ducks. Flatter and heavier than down, feathers contain a quill that gives them shape and structure.¬† Most pillows labeled ‚Äúfeather‚ÄĚ or ‚Äúdown‚ÄĚ actually contain a combination of the two. Inquire as to the ratio between the two in products you are considering.¬† More feathers mean a less expensive pillow. The more down in a pillow has, the more loft and shape retention you will enjoy.¬† Down naturally springs back to its three-dimensional shape after compression.


Other filling options: A variety of other materials are also used to create pillow filling.  Many price points and features are available.  Polyfill is an affordable option the uses synthetic fibers that mimic the feel and performance of down, as it springs back under pressure and creates excellent loft.  Polyfill is hypoallergenic and less expensive than some other pillow options, but needs to replaced much more often.  Memory foam pillows allow filling to contour to your body’s shape and create a custom fit for a personalized sleep experience, but these pillows can also trap heat, causing sleep discomfort.  A variety of other pillow fillings are available including microbeads, buckwheat hulls and gel-based products.


Take the time to find a pillow that is a perfect fit for your sleep style and sleep needs to ensure restful sleep.


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