11 Ways to Transform Your Home for Winter

You want your home to be at its coziest as the crisp fall air gives way to blustery winter storms. Getting your home ready for winter means using your decor to create a sense of warmth and serenity that envelops you. Comfortable fabrics, soothing lighting and thoughtful, beautiful design touches combine to create an idyllic spot for you to hibernate this winter. 

1. Sleep in Heavenly Peace

It may be cold outside, but you’ll be warm when you’re curled up in a bed made with luxurious fabrics. The best bed sheet material for winter boasts high thread counts and breathability so that you don’t get uncomfortably hot. A sumptuously soft duvet cover is the perfect finishing touch to make you feel as if you’re sleeping on a billowy cloud.

2. Pillow Talk

Decorative pillows are an ideal way to transition from fall to winter decor. You can maintain a modern, fresh neutral palette throughout the year and simply swap out pillows as the seasons change. Try plush or furry fabrics and get creative with colors, such as a rich, seasonally appropriate emerald green velvet throw pillow or one in clean white faux fur.

3. Making Spirits Bright

Shorter days cast long shadows during winter. That means you’ll need plenty of light to prevent your home from feeling dark and dismal as the sun goes down early in the day. Look at the lighting design in each room of your home. Are there walls or corners that don’t get enough light? Do you need to switch out your light bulbs for softer illumination? Consider adding a tasteful lamp, a statement-making chandelier, a pendant light, glowing sconces or standing lamps. Don’t forget to add candles throughout your home to cast a flattering light in your rooms. 

4. Wrap Yourself in Luxury

You can create warmth and elegance in the smallest details, such as the towels you use in your bathroom. Caress your skin with Egyptian cotton towels thick enough for effective absorption but with a light feel. 

5. Deck the Floors

The last thing you want to feel when you get out of bed is your feet hitting the cold, hard floor in your bedroom or bathroom. An opulent rug can add a lush element to your room and act as a cozy buffer for your feet. Rugs are also a great way to add a splash of color or interesting pattern to a room.

6. Wonderful Whites

Echo the beauty of freshly fallen snow inside your home by incorporating elements of white in your decor. Spotless white linens, pillows, blankets and decorative objects add brightness and a pristine feel to your surroundings. This is especially lifting when you want to welcome the New Year with a fresh, clean slate.

7. Play with Texture

Mixing different textures is essential if your home design tends towards a neutral palette or minimalist style. You don’t want your rooms to feel sterile during the winter. Liven things up with a combination of woods, leathers, textured fabrics, glass or woven objects that call back to nature. 

8. Elevate Your Accessories

Garlands and wreaths of greenery are typical design embellishments during winter. You can take your seasonal decor to another level by focusing on objects made from luxe metallics such as gold and silver, crystal-clear glass and brilliant white. These kinds of decorative accessories add refined elegance to your home. Plus, they also seamlessly answer the question of how to transition from Christmas to winter decor.

9. Invoke the Senses

A well-considered color scheme is pleasing to the eye, while a variety of textures invite touch. Don’t forget to add a lovely aroma to your rooms with fragrant candles, oil diffusers or wax burners. Popular scents for winter include cedarwood, clove, pine, spruce, sandalwood, cinnamon, vetiver and orange. 

10. Dress up Your Windows

Add extra insulation to your windows during winter. Cellular shades keep the heat inside your home from escaping while also preventing cold air from coming in. If you usually rely on sheer curtains for coverage during warmer months, pair them with a set of heavier drapes for extra warmth. Luxurious drapes are also another way to add pattern, texture or color to your rooms. 

11. Make Your Home a Work of Art

Looking for something special to make a room unique? Find a piece of art that expresses your aesthetic and sense of individuality. Still-life or abstract paintings, large-format photographs, sculptures, prints and other artworks completely transform a space. 


The best winter home transformations effortlessly combine comfort and luxury. Look for items with high-end finishes and use high-quality materials that last over time, whether it’s the best type of bed sheets for winter or a statement-making glass bowl for your coffee table. Indulge yourself this season and create a home that embodies peace and tranquility. Shop our elegant collections for your new winter luxuries.