Small Décor Items That Add an Elegant Touch to Any Room

When gathering elements to appoint a space in your home, some main items spring to mind.  Large pieces of furniture such as a beautiful bed, unique coffee table, stunning dresser, matchless artwork or dramatic rug can all convey a certain feeling and style in a room.  But in the midst of choosing paint colors, light fixtures, large furniture pieces, floor coverings and smaller furnishings, it’s important to remember that more diminutive décor items play a very important part in enhancing spaces in your home, as well.  Small, careful touches can give a room a certain panache or elegance that is not soon forgotten.  When outfitting any room in your home, check out our infographic on choosing the best décor items:

Small Decor items to touch up any room

Candle holders

Whether you’re featuring a collection of pillar candles on a fireplace mantle, anchoring a dining table with a candle centerpiece or accenting a sleep space with set of sparkling, modern illumination, candle holders add a touch of elegance and class to any room in the home. Displayed with or without candles, these unique décor pieces act as works of art in any space, echoing other design elements like modern glass, mixed metals or stone accents.


Thoughtfully-scattered coasters in a living, sleeping or dining space invite guests to linger, resting their drink in a safe yet beautiful location while they dine, visit or slumber.  More than just a place to set a cup of coffee or a glass of water, coasters also act as miniature art pieces in a space, and several matching coasters scattered about in the same room convey a sense of unity and welcome. Whether you prefer glass, stone, metal or another beautiful material, select coasters that echo the look and feel of the room they will be used in.

Book ends

Not simply a tool to ensure that your favorite tomes stay put, bookends are another way to add a dash of class and pizazz to many rooms in the home. Whether you’re corralling your favorite classic literature or stowing your cookbook collection, bookends add an additional decorative element to many areas of the home.  Often made of metal, stone, crystal and other beautiful materials, bookends are not only functional but often quite remarkable, adding a dash of style to your bookshelf.


Functional, practical and beautiful, bowls of all types can displayed empty, could be a place to catch your car keys and sunglasses at the end of a long day or may be where you create a beautifully dressed salad to accompany dinner.  Whether made of unique glass, hammered metal, rich wood or other lovely materials, select bowls to display that are beautiful to you and echo the style and feel of your space.

John Richard Long Room Shot 

When decorating any space in your home, it’s important to consider not only the large elements that will be featured in the room, but also the small décor items that you will include.  Carefully select harmonious items that will reflect your personality, your taste and your preferences.  Adding a few simple touches and intentionally chosen items will add an air of matchless sophistication and elegance to your home.

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