How to refresh your sleep space for Summer

Summer is a time of sunny days, a less structured schedule, more time spent outdoors, and the celebration of warmer, brighter weather after chilly winter dreariness.  During the colder months, bedrooms feature cozy, plush, warm layers, but the summer presents the opportunity to introduce a light airiness into the bedroom, creating a cool and crisp spot to relax after busy and fun days in the sun.

There are several elements to remember when updating your sleep space for summer including the weight of the bedding you use, the amount of bedding layers you use and the color of the bedding you use. Careful bedding selection will create a cool and comfortable place to drift off to dream that is not only restful but also beautiful.

Reimagine bedding layers
A bed layered with beautiful linens evokes a feeling of luxury and comfort.  But as temperatures begin to climb in the summertime, layers can create unwelcome warmth and disrupt sleep instead of promoting rest.  Summer is the time to switch to a reduced weight duvet or to swap a duvet for a thinner quilted coverlet.   Remove heavy winter blankets from the bed and stow them in the linen closet.  Now is the time to pull out lighter weight sheets that promote cool and restful sleep. Summer sleep spaces can still include beautiful and luxurious layers, but each layer needs to be more breathable to ensure a cool night’s sleep. 

Take a closer look at color
When dressing your bed for the summertime, focus on cool and soothing hues.  Crisp white, ocean blue, butter yellow, mint green and other soothing colors evoke a feeling of peace, serenity and cool, providing a soothing respite from warm summer days.  Some prefer all-white bedrooms, others like to include highlights of color.  Choose the color combination that speaks to you and reflects your personality and tastes.

Consider fabric choices
Heavy, bulky, snuggly fabrics are excellent choices for the cold winter months, but as the days warm up, it’s best to select sheets, coverlets, duvet covers and other bedding made from cotton, linen, silk or bamboo.  These fabrics are more breathable and feel cool to the skin, allowing for a more comfortable sleeping experience during the summer months.

Don’t forget about accent pieces
As you are updating your bedding for the warmer months, don’t forget to swap out pillow shams, decorative pillows and other accent pieces in your sleep space. Ample throw pillows may convey coziness, but you might consider reducing the number used in the summer time and choose pieces with cooler tones.  Doing so creates a feeling of freshness and airiness within your sleep haven. Choose accent pieces that complement the summertime tones used in your bedroom, and select items that are simple, crisp and classic to convey a cool and fresh feeling.

Offer flexibility
Although a summer sleep space should not include as many heavy layers as a cozy winter bed, you should allow for extra coverage in case your feet get cold at night, your sleep partner likes to turn the air conditioner down very low in the evening or an unexpected weather change occurs.  In additional to layers of a lightweight sheet and moderate duvet or coverlet, consider adding a plush throw at the foot of the bed.  Having an extra layer within easy reach allows you to cover cold toes or wrap the coverlet snugly around your shoulders while reading in bed.

With a few simple steps, you can transform your sleep space from a warm and cozy winter haven into a cool, crisp and classic summertime slumber retreat.  Focus on fabrics, hues and finishes that convey a feeling of tranquility.  The careful combination will have your drifting off to dream in peaceful comfort.

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