How Often Should You Buy New Sheets?

How Often Should You Buy New Sheets?

Your bedsheets aren’t old but not new, either, which may have you wondering how often you should replace your sheets. The typical answer is about every two years, but that number may differ for you, depending on many factors. It helps to understand what those factors are, whether you’re ready to buy new sheets or you want to ensure you maximize the longevity of your current bedding.

How Long Should Bed Sheets Last? That Depends on You

Bed sheets need to stand up to heavy use, so understandably, they need to be replaced every so often. The following criteria all influence how well your sheets will stand up over time.


Naturally, sheets made from high-quality fabrics will have great durability. There are plenty of materials to choose from, ranging from bamboo to silk. One of the best options is 100% cotton, which can include Pima or Egyptian cotton. Look for sheets made from extra-long fibers, or staples, because they’ll hold up well. Plus, they feel ultra-luxurious, too.

Also, take note of the stitching used to craft the sheets. Fine sewing techniques enhance the quality of your sheets that allows them not to sag or lose their shape after multiple washes.


It’s logical that sheets that aren’t used as often will last longer than bedding that sees heavy-duty use. For instance, your guest room sheets will likely last longer than those in a child’s bedroom. Or, if you travel frequently and are sleeping at home only a couple of weeks each month, your sheets will stay in good shape for a longer period of time.

It’s wise to get multiple sheet sets for every bed in your house. This enables you to rotate sets and use each less frequently. 

Personal Sleep Habits

Your lifestyle habits are unique to you, which is why the question of how long should sheets last can only be answered on an individual basis. For instance, showering in the evening before bed, as opposed to the morning, means you’ll probably get less dirt, oils or dead skin cells on your sheets for less wear and tear. However, if you sweat during the night while you sleep, that can affect sheet durability, too. 


Following the care instructions for your bedding is essential for longevity. Some people may think washing and drying linens at scalding-hot temperatures is best, but that can degrade your sheets over time, meaning that you won’t get as much use out of them. A milder setting, in both the washing machine and the dryer, will be gentler on your sheets and still get them clean.

You can probably wash your bedding on a schedule of once a week. However, you may have to increase that frequency in certain situations, such as illness, lice or bed bugs. This is when it’s helpful to have extra sets of sheets on hand.

Once your linens are clean and dried, you should take care to store them properly. You may prefer to iron your sheets before storage for crisp, wrinkle-free storage, but it’s not required. Do not put your sheets in any kind of plastic bin or container with a lid, which can create mildew-causing moisture. An open basket is a better choice since it allows air to flow freely; many linen experts suggest going the extra mile and layering sheets between acid-free paper to preserve their color and appearance.

Deciding when to buy new bed sheets requires you to consider all these factors. Of course, there are also telltale signs that it’s time for new sheets. Fraying edges, rips or small tears and yellowing fabric are all not-so-subtle clues that your bedding’s best days are behind it. 

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