Decorating with Table Lamps

More soothing than overhead lighting, lamplight conveys a cozy charm in any room of the home.  Floor lamps and table lamps can be used in the home office, dining room, sleep space, eating areas and even hallways and entryways to illuminate spaces and add ambience.  With so many sizes, styles and colors of lamps available, how can you be sure to choose the correct lamps for the spaces in your home?  Remember a few simple tips when lighting your home:

A Word About Lampshades 

Although they come in all sizes, shapes and colors, translucent, drum-shaped paper or fabric lampshades in a light or neutral color are probably the safest bet for lamps. Selecting a lampshade in a light and neutral color allows more light to filter through, illuminating your space more effectively.  And choosing consistently shaped lampshades throughout a space will give unity to the room so other design elements can shine.

When Selecting Table Lamps 

If you are selecting a table lamp for desk use or armchair reading, choose a lamp featuring shade sized so that the bottom rim will be about eye level when you are seated. While it is ok to group lamps on a table, desk, credenza or buffet, remember to keep at least two to three feet of space between lamps to keep the grouping from looking awkward. This spacing also allows the light to more evenly filter throughout the room.

Remember Lighting Zones 

Lamps not only illuminate spaces, they are also beautiful decorative enhancements to any room.  When selecting lamps for different areas of your home, consider the amount of light cast from the lamp and how the shade filters and directs the light. Lamps should be used to create light zones in rooms.  Do you seek a cozy glow near a reading chair? A soft light on a bedside table?  A strong light for desk work? A corner-illuminating light from a standing torch?  Lamps help to visually define spaces within your home, highlighting work, dining, study, slumber or relaxation areas. Select your lighting pieces accordingly.

Don’t Be Afraid of Color 

Lamps are not simply a source of light.  Lamps are available in a wide variety of sizes, and lamp bases can be crafted from bold metals, stunning stone, fine ceramic, unusual acrylic and many other materials.  Many lamps act as works of art in a space, showcasing the bold, traditional or subdued design preferences.  Remember to create a sense of harmony when selecting lamps for a space.  Echo similar colors or design themes throughout a room when selecting lamps for a space.  Be careful not to mix too many design elements, instead choose a careful mix that stays true to the style of your home and your personal tastes. 

Lamps serve as the finishing-touch accessory in any space. Lamplight offers a soft glow that illuminates the areas where we slumber, work, dine, relax and play.  Beautiful lamps can enliven the spaces within your home, adding unusual style or timeless elegance.  Choose from the many lamps available today to create lovely vignettes within your home, illuminating task areas, brightening dark corners and creating matchless, soothing ambience.


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