15 Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Who doesn’t enjoy a thoroughly clean house? It’s the process of getting there that isn’t always enjoyable. Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore, though. The job is easier when you plan ahead and take a methodical approach. Here are some spring cleaning tips to use for a sparkling, pristine home.

1. Create a spring cleaning checklist.

Organize all your tasks so that you have a clear-cut guide for what needs to be accomplished. That way, you won’t miss any steps and you won’t feel harried running from chore to chore. Divide it up in a way that best suits you; some people prefer to move from room to room, while others may want to tackle it task by task (decluttering the whole house first, then vacuuming, etc.). 

2. Don’t take on too much at once.

Once you have a checklist in hand, you can figure out how much time to allot to each step. Be realistic and don’t try to schedule too much at once. You may end up rushing through the chores and not getting the deep clean you want. 

3. Stock up on supplies.

You wake up early on a Saturday, intent on dusting every room in the house, only to find out you don’t have any wood cleaner or clean dust rags. Use the checklist to draw up a list of supplies you need and purchase anything you’re missing.

4. Think inside the box.

Gather up cardboard boxes before decluttering. Earmark a few boxes for items to donate, other boxes for repairs or mending, and the rest for anything that goes into storage. Boxes keep things nice and neat so that you won’t have large piles of items to clean around.

5. Enlist the troops.

If you’ve got family members who can pitch in, assign them their own tasks. Even kids can help clean out their closets or get rid of old toys.

6. Make it fun.

Turn on music, listen to an audiobook or podcast. It will make the time go faster and occupy your mind while your body is busy working.

7. Focus on the nooks and crannies.

Anyone who knows how to spring clean makes sure to get all the spots that may be skipped during a regular cleaning. That includes washing baseboards, clearing cobwebs from ceilings, emptying bookshelves to dust the shelves and the books, and vacuuming underneath the refrigerator and couches. 

8. Clear out the closets.

Break out the swimsuits and sandals, pack away the woolen scarves and sweaters. As you’re packing away winter and fall clothing for the warmer seasons, look at each piece carefully. If you didn’t wear the item during the last year, it’s a candidate for donation. Don’t forget to clean out your linen closets, medicine cabinets and kitchen cupboards, too.

9. Clean your appliances.

You may have put it off because it’s not a weekly or monthly chore, but spring cleaning is the perfect time to deep clean inside your refrigerator, washing machine, oven and even small appliances such as electric can openers and coffee makers. 

10. Make a literal laundry list.

Add extra spring freshness to your home by washing (or dry cleaning) drapes, slipcovers, shower curtains, bath mats and other fabric items. 

11. Refresh your bed.

This is an essential item on your spring cleaning checklist. Pack up heavy blankets in cloth bags to keep them dust free. Get rid of threadbare sheets. This is an ideal opportunity to rotate and clean your mattress and wash your pillows, too.

12. Hire professionals for big tasks.

Certain jobs require expertise or may simply be too large to tackle on your own. This can include cleaning chimneys or heating ducts, or anything involving major repairs, such as replacing a hot water heater or fixing leaky pipes.

13. Junk your junk.

Everyone has that spot in their house where odds and ends accumulate, such as a junk drawer that you’ll get around to cleaning “someday.” With spring cleaning, that someday is now. Declutter this space, tossing what you don’t need and finding a new spot for housing items you deem essential.

14. Don’t limit your cleaning to inside your house.

It’s time to wash windows, clean gutters and doormats and mend broken screens. You may decide spring cleaning is also the time to put your garage in order and take care of yard work such as pulling up weeds and planting seasonal vegetable plants in your garden. Finally, wash and clean your car inside and out, vacuuming the interior, and even washing the reusable grocery bags you keep in your trunk.

15. Make spring cleaning even easier next year.

Before you settle down to relax in your freshly cleaned home, review how you can make the process simpler next spring. One way to do that is by setting up a regular cleaning schedule throughout the year (set a chore for each weekday, such as Mondays for laundry, Tuesdays for dusting and so on) with certain Saturdays dedicated to larger monthly or quarterly chores. Then spring cleaning won’t be as big of a job next year.

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