14 Easy DIY Home Improvement Ideas

You’ve got big dreams for your home remodel. Your budget, however, isn’t quite as big. And then there are all the weeks (or months) you have to live with the inconvenience of boxing up your things to get them out the way while work crews constantly come in and out of your house. Just the thought of all the work a remodel takes is enough to make you give up on your project before you even get started.

Fortunately, many DIY home improvement projects can provide maximum impact with a minimum of time and money. If you think you can’t transform your home with some clever design tricks, it’s time to think again. Here are some easy home improvement ideas you can try instead of tackling a major remodel.

The Remodel Project: Installing New Kitchen Cabinets

Tearing out your cabinets is not for the faint of heart. It’s a costly upgrade that also keeps your kitchen out of commission until the job is done. Try a simpler alternative:

1. Clean your cabinet doors. Removing built-up dirt, grease and grime can make an instant improvement. All you need is some elbow grease.

2. Swap out the hardware. Look for pulls and knobs that add some design flair. If you have matte black wrought-iron hardware, for instance, add a lighter, brighter note with gleaming nickel.

3. Put in glass cabinet doors. Remove the inside panel from the cabinet door and replace it with a pane of glass. Use it to display a collection of china or unique glassware for a unique design element in your kitchen.

4. Try a fresh coat of paint. Try a muted color on your cabinets such as, pale blue tints, pale mint greens, or creamy buttery yellows, if you are looking to add some color to your kitchen. If you are looking to stay modern try black for a more minimalist look.

The Remodel Project: Adding an Extra Room

Who needs blueprints and building permits? Create extra space with the rooms you have.

5. Hang mirrors. Strategic mirror placement reflects your space and makes it appear larger. Invest in a big mirror and hang it at eye level, making sure the top is level with any other shelving or frames on the same wall. You may also consider positioning a mirror near a table lamp for extra brightness that creates an open feeling.

6. Rethink your paint palette. Painting a room is an easy DIY home improvement project because it makes a dramatic difference in the look of your space. If your room seems cramped, use light paint colors for an airy spaciousness—think neutrals or pastels. Once you have your wall color, paint your ceiling in a lighter shade to create the illusion of extra height. If you favor bold hues, deploy them in pops of color in decorative pillows or throws.

7. Switch out your window coverings. Floor-length drapes make a room appear larger. Choose a light fabric, such as sheer panels—they let in lots of natural light, which also visually expands the dimensions of your space.

The Remodel Project: Renovating Your Bathroom

An outdated bathroom can take on a spa-like ambiance without having to rip everything out and start from scratch.

8. Change your fixtures. A plain white sink gets a glam makeover when you pair it with brand-new, sculptural fixtures. Don’t forget to update your towel rods, toilet paper holder and other fixtures.

9. Add smart features. Bring the 21st century to your bathroom with high-tech devices. Smart lighted mirrors, showerheads and toilets offer amenities both practical (a self-cleaning toilet) and luxurious (in-shower, Bluetooth-enabled speakers).

10. Purchase high-quality linens. This is a beautifully easy way to improve your home. Get rid of worn, stained or rough-feeling towels. Then restock your bathroom with towels and washcloths made from fine Egyptian cotton—they’re amazingly absorbent and wonderfully plush. Make sure to reorganize your linen closet for streamlined storage of your new towels.

11. Use vinyl for a flooring upgrade. Vinyl is a perfect choice for a bathroom because it’s durable and waterproof. And current advancements in design and technology give you a wealth of choices, offering you the look you want. Wood, stone, even fancy Moroccan tile—you can find all these, and more, in vinyl. Plus, vinyl flooring is easy to install and more affordable than most materials.

The Remodel Project: Redesigning Your Interiors

It may have been a while since you’ve refreshed the look of your rooms. Don’t worry about hiring an interior decorator or getting rid of all your furniture. Instead, make small changes that have a big impact with these DIY home upgrades.

12. Add beauty to your surroundings. Enhance your interiors with elegant home decor accessories crafted from high-end materials such as marble, porcelain and colored glass, or choose a distinctive artwork that draws the eye. If you already have plenty of art at home, rearrange them in new ways to change your room’s look—consider a gallery-style grouping of several pieces on one wall.

13. Revamp your furnishings. Not ready to make a major purchase such as a dining set or sectional sofa? Work with what you’ve got. Paint or stain a coffee table for a quick refresh. You can also reupholster your couch in a new fabric or pattern or drape it in classic white slipcovers.

14. Give your room a new purpose. Sometimes a redesign is determined by the way a space is used. Make your home more liveable by giving a room new life. For many people, their spare space became a home office during the pandemic. You can also use empty rooms for a home gym or theater, a crafting space or game room.


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