10 Modern Living Room Ideas

There are so many design styles out there, from art deco to industrial, that it can be daunting to settle on one. Plus, you want to employ an aesthetic that not only wows visitors as they step into your home, but also creates a relaxed and cozy gathering spot for your family. Incorporating modern living room ideas into your design scheme makes this big decision much easier.

Modern design originated in the early 20th century and its fluidity allowed it to evolve into other design offshoots, such as minimalist and mid-century modern. That same fluidity makes it a great choice for your living room. 

This design style is all about clean spaces and lines. There aren’t a lot of unnecessary elements in a modern living room. Extraneous objects are pared down; the only things that remain have a functional purpose. This creates a spaciousness that feels airy and expansive and leaves you with a room that draws people in to enjoy its beauty.

There are many creative ways to play with modern style. Here are some living room design ideas to try in your home.

1. Paint your walls white.

You’ll often see modern homes ground their design aesthetic with traditional white walls. It brightens up the space, especially in living rooms with abundant natural light.

2. Pick a soothing palette.

Modern design often uses neutrals as the predominant hues in a color scheme. Using a monochromatic color palette is another alternative.

3. Be strategic with pops of color.

Just because a modern house employs lots of neutrals, it doesn’t mean it has to be bland. Some of the most exciting modern living room decor ideas brilliantly incorporate color to draw the eye to certain areas. For instance, a large-scale, vibrant painting can serve as a vivid focal point. 

4. Bring in natural wood.

This is another hallmark of modernism. Add wood to a living room with a beautiful bookcase, coffee table, or exposed beams. Don‚Äôt worry about staining it any particular color‚ÄĒits natural shade is best.

5. Pick simple furniture pieces.

The emphasis is on graceful lines and shapes. Stay away from heavy, ornate furniture and pick items that exude simplicity, such as low-slung sofas or a plinth table. Instead of upholstered or slipcovered chairs, choose ones that show their legs, which reinforces that feeling of airy spaciousness. 

6. Be thoughtful with every object.

A modern-style living room focuses on the necessities. You won’t find a lot of knick knacks here. Cut the clutter and only keep objects that are useful in the space or bring you joy. 

7. Mix textures and shapes for visual contrast.

Liven up your living room with the juxtaposition of opposites‚ÄĒthe curved back of a couch next to the hard-edged rectangular coffee table or a plush accent rug on a sleek wood floor. You can either stick to your neutral palette for some of these choices or see if they are suitable for adding those pops of color.¬†

8. Let in the light.

Modern living rooms look clean and bright thanks to plenty of warm light. Take advantage of any windows as a source of natural light. You may prefer to skip curtains that block light and may look heavy. Instead, look for roller shades that seem to disappear when rolled up; they’ll give you privacy when you need it. Table lamps are another way to add light and introduce a unique design element to your space. 

9. Add a touch of nature.

Bring the outdoors in with subtle, distinctive touches. This could be a stone mantel on your fireplace, a fiddle-leaf fig tree by the front window or an artful floral arrangement in a stunning vase. 

10. Mix modern with another design style.

Modern design’s influences are far reaching. It makes sense that you can combine this aesthetic with another one to come up with a singular style statement. Here are some ways to mesh your living room’s modern interior design with another style:

  • Create a modern contemporary living room fusion by working a contemporary trend or two into your design.¬†
  • Add flair with a modern boho living room that uses colored or patterned elements such as toss pillows or rugs.¬†
  • A mid-century modern living room never goes out of style. Look for period furnishings or newer pieces that echo the colors and lines. Geometric shapes, furniture with wood legs and bright colors such as orange, gold, teal and avocado green are traditional signatures of mid-century modern design.
  • Elevate your space with a well-chosen, high-quality metallic piece that lends an art deco sensibility.¬†
  • Make your space serene and stick with neutrals and light woods only for a modern minimalist living room. Alternatively, go in the opposite, maximalist direction and combine rich accent colors with a black and white palette for an unforgettable room.¬†

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