GOOSE DOWN & alternative

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  • Pillow in pillow design for ultimate support & comfort
  • Down filled outer pillow surrounding a feather filled inner pillow
  • Adjustable to fit any sleeping position
  • Handcrafted in Italy

When we decided to add sleeping pillows to Elegant Strand’s offerings, we naturally wanted to create the best ones possible. So we started by testing different pillows already on the market. Those pillows were either too hard or too soft—a bit like Goldilocks—but they were also rubbery or mushy or bumpy. It was hard to imagine getting a good night’s sleep on any of those uncomfortable pillows.

That subpar performance was a result of the pillows’ construction. Materials such as polyester or foam balls are often used as a cheaper alternative to down. The resulting pillows may be affordable, but you often get what you pay for. As a result of this testing, we understood that creating the right sleeping pillow hinged on impeccable construction. That’s why we developed our signature “pillow within a pillow” design. Elegant Strand pillows boast an inner pillow made of soft, lightweight feathers and that’s surrounded by an outer pillow crafted with down. The pillow is then encased in a smooth 190 thread count cotton fabric.

This ingenious design is the gold standard for comfort. Lightweight materials give our sleeping pillows superior breathability. And unlike foam, they stay cool throughout the night. The combination of feathers and down gives our pillows an extravagant softness with the right amount of firmness to cradle your head and neck with proper support. Plus, these pillows work well for any sleeping position. Finally, Elegant Strand pillows are easy to care for, and they don’t lose their softness or structure after washing.

Every Elegant Strand sleeping pillow is made in Italy with the skilled craftsmanship that country is known for. I know our pillows—and our prices—will impress you. If you don’t agree, you can return your pillow, free of charge.

Mark Lorberbaum